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Download Pixellab Pro Mod Apk Latest Version Fonts Unlimited 2022

The rapid development of technology can support human’s daily activities. One of the current concerns is photo, image and text editing applications. The high visual trend has led many social media users to download various photo editing applications, one of which is Pixellab Pro.

The speed in the editing and uploading process is one of the factors why this photo editing application is in high demand. With a variety of features available, you can quickly edit photos and upload them directly to social media.

With this application, you will not be left behind the existing trends. So what are you waiting for? Download Pixellab Pro Mod Apk now!

Review Pixellab

Pixellab is a photo editing application developed for the Android system. This application is used to edit photos or images by combining various existing features like text with images, single images, single posts etc.

The advantage of using Pixellab is the speed and ease of editing. If you need a quick editing process that can be uploaded directly to social media, then Download Pixellab is the right choice.

Pixellab offers various features that you can use. These features are choosing plain or standard text, adding 3D text, applying text effects, coloring text, using different types font text, add stickers and what users love most is creating memes.

Some of the meme presets provided by Pixellab you can modify and use to create memes of your choice. Memes you’ve edited can quickly and easily be shared directly with anyone you want.

This app has received many positive responses on Google Playstore and has been downloaded more than 10 million times and has received a rating of 4.2/5. Also, this app was last updated on March 30, 2020.

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Difference between Pixellab Original and Mod/Pro


Pixellab has many features that you can use, but not all of them are available for free. This is what makes many people look for a modified version. There are some differences between the original version of Pixellab and the mod/pro version.

the original Mod/Pro
User buys pro/premium version Get the version/pro directly without having to make a purchase
User buys stickers Stickers can be downloaded for free
There are ads in the app There are no in-app ads
Limited perspective editing Can do maximum perspective editing
There is no IAP Adding IAP to the app
Residual damage when editing photos in landscape mode Adjusting the photo in landscape mode
Longer re-editing process Easier and faster re-editing

Pixellab Mod/Pro App Features

There are some very clear differences between the original version of the app and the mod, especially in some of the features offered for photo or image editing. Below are the features of the updated pro/mod app.

1. Adding text with ease


One of the important features that Pixellab has is adding text. In the pro/mod version, you can add text and adjust the shape or size of the text with the object you want to edit.

All objects that exist or are preformed, you can add text to increase the artistic value of the design. The mod/pro version of Pixellab will also make the editing process easier for you, making it faster and more accurate.

2. Multiple text effects


One feature you shouldn’t miss when using Pixellab is text effects. In the original version, there are several text effects that you can use, although not all of them are free to use.

You can use all the text effect features in the pro/mod version of Pixellab, starting from shadow, inner shadow, background, stroke, reflection, relief3D text and mask. You can use all these functions for free.

3. Different types of letters


One of the unique features of Pixellab is the large selection of text fonts you can use. There are more than 100 text fonts that you can choose from and use to add artistic value to the designs you create.

Everything font in the application it will stick directly, so you just have to replace font text according to your taste and desire. If you are bored with the available options, you can also add font new text in the app.

4. Free stickers and emojis are added


Another interesting menu option that can be used in Pixellab is adding stickers and emojis. In the original version, you have to buy a sticker first. However, in the mod/pro version, all stickers and emojis are available for free and can be used freely.

5. Changing the Background


Another feature available in this app is changing the background. This feature can change and remove the image background. The background can be changed with a choice of color, add a new image or insert a gradient.

In addition to changing the background, you can also remove the background. The removed background can be completely or only in certain areas, so you can decide which part you want to remove or replace.

6. Image perspective


One of the distinctive features of the Pixellab application is the display of image perspectives. This image perspective function offers several other menu options, such as using road sign text, adding a logo, to change the content on the monitor.

In addition, in this image perspective feature, there are also some effects that you can use, such as outline effects, color effects, line effects, saturation effects, etc. You can use all these effects to edit photos or pictures


Another feature of Pixellab that you may enjoy is exporting various images or designs you’ve worked on in a wide selection of formats and resolutions. Resolution and format can be adjusted according to the photo upload media.

In the image export menu, Pixellab also includes a Quick Share menu that directly links your image export results to social media applications. This menu option will help you upload photos directly to your social media quickly and without any hassle.

8. Make a Meme


Another cool feature of Pixellab is the meme creation menu. In this menu, you can create memes using existing presets or running the process editing from the beginning.

Using the meme presets available in the Pixellab app, you can quickly generate memes. However, if you want to create your own meme, you can edit it from scratch.

Download Pixellab

Application name PixelLab Pro Mod Apk
Root permission It’s not needed
License free
category Edit photos and pictures
Version March 30, 2020

How to Install Pixellab

  • Download PixelLab pro/mod using the link provided.
  • Wait for the Pixellab download process to complete.
  • Enter the Settings menu, choose part Privacy AND centang “Unknown Sources” or “Unknown source”.
install english mod
English language settings
install indo mod
Indonesian language settings
  • Go to the download menu and do the installation at PixelLab.
  • Wait for Pixellab to finish installing.
  • Pixellab pro Apk app can be used.

Using the Pixellab app will make the process easier for you editing photo or image quickly. The available features are also quite numerous and varied, so you can freely edit and process photos to your liking.

Download Pixellab according to the given link will direct you to a Mod version that is safe from malware viruses. Because there are many features that are better and more complete than the original version and can be accessed for free, it is highly recommended that you use the modified version.

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