Download PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Transfer Coutinho, Adama etc

The PES 2022 ppsspp game with a full winter transfer update, which started in early January and closed on 31 January 2022, did not surprise players who changed clubs too much.

There are several members of the PES PPSSPP game who are trying to request the download of the latest PPSSPP PES 2022 iso game which has a full January transfer even though for a big team like MU they didn’t bring any players.

Before downloading the latest iso ppsspp pes 2022 game, you need to know that Arsenal and Manchester United did not buy any players except for releasing some of Aubameyang’s players who later went to Barcelona for free even though they were still under contract, Lord Linggard and Donny Van De Beek to Everton.

The PPSSPP PES 2022 game will experience many changes, especially for Newcastle United FC, which brought 5 players and Barcelona also brought in many players, there must be loans and permanent ones.

Download PES 2022 PPSSPP Full Winter Transfer

ppsspp pes 2022 iso full update winter transfer is where there is a transfer of players that occurs during the winter from the beginning of January to the end of January.

In fact, it is rare that there are special transfer updates in January or mid-season. Because it’s rare for a club to want to let go of important players in the middle of the season, the latest PES 2022 ppsspp doesn’t have any significant changes except for player transfers.

In the pes ppsspp winter transfer window 2022, there are many transfers that occur using the loan or loan method, such as adama at Barcelona with a permanent option, Amad Diallo from MU to Rangers

Even though in terms of transfers, not many important players or star players have changed clubs. We provide several features that are considered to make this small size PPSSPP game more interesting.

PPSSPP PES 2022 Game Features Small Size

Download PES 2022 PPSSPP

The mainstay feature this time is the small size of the PES game so it can be played on Android devices with 2GB RAM or other potato Android specifications. For other features, see below

Full Transfer Winter Transfer Window

Almost all players in Europe’s Top League who have changed clubs have been updated and can be played at their new clubs. In England for winter transfers starting from the beginning of January to the end. But globally, Winter Transfer starts from 2 September 2021 to 2 February 2022.

1 Philippe Coutinho Barcelona Aston Villa
2 Adam Traore Diarra Wolves Barcelona
3 Aubameyang Arsenal Barcelona
4 Ferran Torres Manchester City Barcelona
5 Kieran Trippier Atletico Madrid Newcastle United
6 Chris Wood Burnley Newcastle United
7 Bruno Guimarães Lyon Newcastle United
8 Matt Targett Aston Villa Newcastle United
9 louis diaz Porto Liverpool
10 Ethan Laird Manchester United Bournemouth
12 Donny van de Beek Manchester United Everton
13 Anthony Martial Manchester United Sevilla FC
14 Vlahovic Fiorentina Juventus

Actually, there are still a lot of transfer updates that are available when downloading the small size PES 2022 PPSSPP. But of the many transfers, 14 transfers are the ones attached to the admin’s head.

Unlock All Mode Permain PES PPSSPP Android

Although this is only pes 2022 ppsspp android offline which is played using an emulator but it doesn’t reduce the fun in playing because all the game modes can be enjoyed for free.

Here are some PES 2022 PPSSPP game modes that can be played

  • ML (Master Leauge)
  • League (Can play all European Top leagues such as English League, Italian League, German League, French League, Spanish League etc.)
  • Cup
  • UCL (Liga Champion)
  • UEL or what we know as Friday night league
  • AFC Championship
  • BRI Liga 1 Indonesia
  • Copa Libertadores
  • Become a Legend

Even though in PES 2022, the PSP is more focused on European transfer updates, we still don’t leave the Indonesian League update, which has undergone many changes in the composition of the players.

Support Normal Camera, PS4 and PS5 Remote Camera

So here we provide various camera modes from this pes ppsspp android. So it can be adjusted according to what camera mode we want as players.

In general, the 3 above are features that must be present in every PES game, the latest version of 2022. However, there are also several other features such as

  • New Face
  • New Hair
  • New Adboard
  • New Background
  • New Ball
  • New Grass Lurus
  • New Soundtrack
  • New Button Control
  • Dll

So there’s no need to hesitate anymore for the ppsspp pes 2022 iso file + save data for this new textures because it’s complete and a complete package with the most competitive league in the world, Liga 1 Indonesia.

Minimum Specifications for PES PPSSPP 2022

So you don’t regret it when you download PES 2022 PPSSPP, it’s best if you know in advance the minimum specifications to play it so you don’t lag, blank screen, force close, etc.

Operating system 4.0+
Chipset Snapdragon 465
Empty Internal Memory 1GB

So, make sure that the device you have meets the minimum specifications for PES, PPSSPP 2022.

How to Install PES 2022 PPSSPP Android

Even though PES PPSSPP 2022 is not a new thing in the world of game fans, maybe there are still people who don’t really understand how to install PES games on Android.

The thing that must be understood for game lovers specifically for mobile games is to make sure to install one of the applications that I call such as 7Zip, Winrar for Android, ZArchiver etc. which has a function to extract files that are still compressed.

  • The first step, extract the iso file, savedata, textures which are still in zip, rar format using one of the applications previously mentioned
  • The second step, move the savedata folder with the name “PC191065400001000, PC191065403001000, PC191065406001000 dan PC191065410001000” to Internal Memory/PSP/Savedata/Move here
  • The third step, move the textures folder with the name “PERKORO1402PC191065400001000 to Internal Memory/PSP/Textures/Move here
  • Fourth step, move the folder “Game” to Internal Memory/PSP/Games/Move here
  • The fifth step, open the emulator and select the game then enjoy playing.

To install the Camera as desired, either PS4 or PS5, move it to Internal Memory/PSP/GAME/PSP_GAME/SYSDIR/Move here

For those who don’t have a MOD Textures emulator, you can get it at Download PPSSPP Emulator Build Mod Texture Apk Android & PC

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