Download Peach Live Apk China Mod Indonesia latest version 2022 for free

Here, for those of you who seek Chinese live broadcasts, it’s a bad thing! There is a highly recommended app for you to try, which is Peach Live Mod Apk.

Peach live is actually many versions where some are from playstore and some from internet where this is different apk file.

However, here we are going to share the apk file that is not from playstore, because many in playstore don’t like it so rating becomes very bad.

So for those of you who are currently looking for the old version of the live Peach app, you can get it in the post I am sharing today,

Peach Live app

Peach Live Mod Apk

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Peach Live is a Chinese live streaming app that is one of the best live streaming apps that many people use to watch live videos.

Initially this app appeared in the ranks of Indonesian live streaming apps on Google Playstore as well as App Store.

However, this app later vanished due to Google’s policy banning apps that broadcast live broadcasts to adults or 18++.

However, even though this app is banned by Google, it does not mean that this app cannot be used or that it has been discontinued, as it is still active today.

And you need to know that in peach live apk there are a lot of live firmware streams from many bar hosts.

In this live peach app there are a lot of hosts from China and Indonesia that you can watch without any restrictions.

Because in China, this is one of the free live apps that Pascol likes and uses a lot in China.

Not only in China, in Indonesia itself there are a lot of users who love and use this apk to watch the rough live stream.

Because in this live peach, I’ve been trying it for a few months, and we’ve found a lot of hosts who often open without a lock room or code.

So you don’t have to bother buying credits because many hosts here would rather watch and reward than lock the room.

So, what are the features of this China Live apk? In fact, average live apk has almost the same features, differences that you can see for yourself below.

Fitur Apk Peach Live app

  • Free Live Streaming Without Ban
  • Watch live shows for free
  • Chat and VCS can be free
  • The application is light and low in size
  • Smooth use with stable signal
  • The menu is in English
  • no ads
  • And much more

MOD Feature

  • no ads
  • can shot
  • Screen can be recorded
  • No lock room
  • Anti-banned
  • completely free
  • pamper

Pros and Cons of Peach Live Mod Apk


Here are some of its advantages:

  • Many host bars
  • Broadcasting is intense and stable
  • no ads
  • easy to use
  • small size


This deficiency is not a problem, but it may annoy us a little.

  • The system language is Chinese, but the menu is in English
  • Signing up for some of you might be a bit difficult
  • Heavy usage on old Android system

Well, for those who are curious about this extreme live Chinese app, you can try it out by downloading it below.

Download Peach Live Apk Mod Indonesia Latest Full Unlock Version (can record screenshots and screen shots) for free

App name Peach Live APK Mod
Issuance Version 4.8.50 2021
size 57 MB
Download Link Download here

You can download it directly on the above link with Media fire link, of course there are no annoying ads.

And you can also install it on Android or PC using Best Android and iOS Emulators

How to login or register in the Peach Live app

For those of you who want to register or login to live Chinese app, this is easier than other live apps that use a lot of Chinese language.

However, in Peach Live, the app still uses English, so of course it’s easier to sign in or register.

Well, for those of you who want to sign up faster, here are the tips and steps.

  • First open the Peach Live app you installed
  • Then you are faced with several options to log in or register
  • There is the option to log in with Facebook, Twitter, mobile phone number as well as a line account
  • Just choose a Facebook account or another social media account for a faster process.
  • Then you will be given suggestions to follow some famous hosts
  • You can follow it or just skip it.
  • After that you can use and watch the live broadcast freely and freely.

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So, in my opinion, this is one of the straightforward apps from China that is highly recommended to try on your Android phone easily and for free.

Although this app is also available on Google Playstore, we recommend that you use the version we share.

Because you can see for yourself that Peach Live apk in playstore has a lot of negative or bad reviews.

So, download the old version of peach live apk that we shared above, and find many free and stable live broadcasts of infertile adults.

Well, that is all the discussion I gave in this article, I hope you are happy with what I am writing and sharing at this time.

We hope it is useful. Thank you :*

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