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My Talking Angela- Some children today have begun to understand the use of gadgets, especially games on smartphone devices. So don’t be surprised if now there are many game applications made for children, especially girls, this certainly provides an opportunity for developers to make the My Talking Angela game.

This game application is very child-friendly and safe to use, so of course it makes children not easily bored while doing other activities. Of course, the presence of the My Talking Angela game application can help parents who are sometimes confused about what toys are interesting for their daughters.

Moreover, in this game it has cute and adorable characters in the form of a cat, so this is certainly very safe and very comfortable for girls to play. So what kind of detailed information about this application? so continue to see the following discussion:

My Talking Angela App Review

As discussed in the previous review, this application is a game application that has the pet character of a cat named Angela. The cute and adorable characters are certainly loved by children, so it’s no wonder that most of these games are children’s, although some who try this game are teenagers or adults.

You need to know that this application has actually been created for a long time, namely from the early 1990s and became popular in the early 2000s. Even so, this game application continues to experience updates so that its features begin to grow and become more interesting.

This game has similarities with the tamaghoci game, so in the game later the users must take good care of the characters in it so that they continue to grow. Besides that, you can do other things, such as exploring the city to do other activities, such as karaoke, dancing, etc., isn’t that up?

Equipped with superior features that are no less sophisticated than the previous version, you will find other very interesting things for you to do when playing this game. What are the excellent features that My Talking Angela has? Find out the answer in the following discussion:

Some of the Featured Features of My Talking Angela App

For those of you who love games, of course it feels less challenging if you don’t try this game. Although this game is often played by children, this game can also be played by adults. With its superior features you can feel a different sensation from the previous version. Check out the features related to the superior features which have the following explanation points:

There are a variety of games

The first feature is that you can try various games available in this My Talking Angela game application. So that way you not only play the character by giving him food or other accessories, but you can also do more activities.

So of course this will give a more interesting and also more exciting impression, you can take a walk with Angela’s character with her friends. Doing as many things as you like, how interesting isn’t it?

There are Citywide Interaction Features

Furthermore, in this application there is a feature where Angela’s character can interact with other friends widely, you can travel all over the city doing fun things. So you don’t just feed it, clean it, give it nice clothes and stuff.

There are Other Mini Game Features

Not only that, in the My Talking Angela game application there are various mini game features, so you will find a variety of interesting games. You can do things like washing, cooking, dressing up or so on. Isn’t it fun? are you interested in trying it? then immediately download the application via the link that we provide later after this discussion.

Has More Attractive Style Features

Unlike Tom’s character, Angela’s character allows you to find a more interesting style. This is because in the My Talking Angela game there are options that can be used to make up the characters being played. That way Angela’s character looks more attractive and has the style you want, more exciting right?

Have a Pet Character

Just like the previous discussion, if this game application has a cat-shaped character, then the whole game is still related to other cat characters. It’s just that there are excellent features that add to the excitement of being able to play it.

So, those are some of the excellent features regarding the My Talking Angela game application, which has a lot of fun playing it. So what are you waiting for, if you are curious about the excitement of this application, immediately download the My Talking Angela application in the discussion below:

Download Link Aplikasi My Talking Angela

After you have listened to all the features and understand what has been said, then you can download the My Talking Angela application. So if you are interested in playing it, then you can get the link that we have provided. But you don’t have to worry anymore and bother looking for it, you just need to click the link here

How to Install My Talking Angela App

If you have finished downloading the My Talking Angela Application, then the next step is that you can proceed with installing the application. The method is also quite easy, for those of you new users who don’t understand how. Then you can also follow the suggestions in some of the points:

  • In the first way, you need to make sure that you have finished and successfully downloaded the My Talking Angela application
  • Then do not open the application file first
  • Next, you can open the settings menu and click the security menu on the device
  • Then check the unknown source reading for the process of activating the apk installation
  • After that, look for the file manager menu and click on the one you downloaded earlier
  • If so, click install and wait for the process to finish installing
  • That way the My Talking Angela Application can be used
  • Done

That’s how to install the My Talking Angela application, make sure you follow the process in an orderly and correct manner. If you don’t do that, then you can just start from the beginning again how to install it. Surely you don’t want to delay and wait too long right?

The final word

Thus, regarding the discussion of the My Talking Angela application and its superior features, which are interesting and also very exciting, don’t miss this funny and unique game. Download the game application link that has been provided in the discussion above, good luck.

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