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Download Mangaku Pro Apk Free For Android Latest Version 2022 – Reading comics is an exciting activity that many teenagers do, especially from the Manga type.

Currently, you can read comics online through the Mangaku pro apk application with a fairly complete collection.

This reason is one of the factors why more and more people are looking for the application in question.

The sophistication of technology makes it easy for anyone who uses it. A simple example is in terms of entertainment, almost all categories of entertainment can be enjoyed through smart phones.

If in the past you had to buy comics in the form of books to follow the storyline of the Manga, not anymore.

Enough with a smart phone, both Android and iPhone, you can enjoy all Manga titles.

Actually, it’s not only this application that provides reading Manga comics for free, but there are many more.

However, the advantages of Mangaku from the features provided provide strong reasons and were chosen to be one of the best.

Review Manga Pro Apk

Let’s find out together what the Mangaku pro apk application actually is so that it becomes a topic of discussion among Japanese comic lovers.

It said earlier an application, so to access it requires a smartphone device.

This app is still not listed on Paystore, so you can’t get it there.

In this case, we have provided a download link to get the file. Besides not being found on the Playstore, Mangaku is also not available on the AppStore.

For iPhone smartphone owners, it’s a shame because you can’t take advantage of this application.

The file that we will provide in the meantime is only support for Android. Hopefully in the future the developers will also release an iOS version so that iPhone users can also enjoy it.

Mangaku pro apk is an application to read comics online for free. Its small size, only about 10MB, makes it usable for all Android devices.

No need to worry if you use an HP with potato spec. Interestingly, this application not only provides comics with HD images, but also Japanese cartoons known as Anime.

If it can be said, this application is similar to Nekopoi apkbut there is an addition in the form of reading comics.

Features of Mangaku Pro Apk

To be more convincing, we discuss what are the most interesting features of Mangaku pro apk to listen to.

Actually there are many features and advantages, but we will only discuss the important ones to save time.

Simple and Creative Design

The simple design makes this application even easier to use. The menu layout isn’t confusing, even if you’re using it for the first time. Even though it’s simple, it still looks creative so it doesn’t look boring.

Multiple Languages ​​Available

Manga comic reading application that may be good in terms of appearance, but does it support multiple languages?

This is where the advantage of Mangaku pro apk is because you can choose a language that you understand, one of which is Indonesian.

There is a Search Feature

Confused because you can’t find the Manga title you want to read? Try using the search feature provided.

This feature is made especially for those of you who don’t find the comic title from the homepage or main page. Just type the desired title, and wait for what is displayed.

Zoom Features

Not all comic readings are clearly visible. Sometimes it is minimized because of the many conversations in the scene.

With the zoom feature, you can enlarge the image so that the writing looks clearer. Not only that, you can also shrink the image with the zoom out feature if the image display from one page is not visible.

Watch Anime Streaming

It was said earlier that you can also watch Japanese Anime movies with Mangaku pro apk. Although it is not as complete as the special application for streaming Anime movies, this feature is quite useful for those of you who are tired of reading.

Free Forever

Another feature that certainly attracts attention is that it can be used for free without having to buy or subscribe.

Even the developers claim that their application can be used for free forever, even though there is an update to the latest version.

HD Image Quality

Surely you’ve read online comics with poor image quality, right? Certainly not interesting and annoying because there is no satisfaction in reading comics with cracked images.

Mangaku pro apk latest or old version is not the case, because all the image quality is with high resolution.

Always update

No need to be afraid to miss the next episode or chapter because this application is always updated regularly.

This feature also doesn’t make you curious, of course, because you don’t have to wait long for the latest series.

Download Mangaku Ppro Apk

Are you sure you use this free comic reading application from some of the features and advantages given above?

For those of you who can’t wait, please download the file first. As said earlier, this app is not found on Playstore.

Instead, we provide a safe download link for Mangaku pro apk because it has been scanned first.

If you are still not sure, please scan again so that the device you are using is more secure.

Apk Name My manga is pro
Size 10MB
Version Latest
Support Android 4.5+
Price Free

How to Install Mangaku Pro Apk

Mangaku pro mod apk with the regular or original version is the same in terms of how to install it. This is because it is still not registered in the Google Store, so there are a few settings that must be done.

For those who often install modified applications or from outside the Playstore, of course they already understand and there are no problems.

But not so for those who are new. Therefore, please follow how to install the following Mangaku application!

  1. Open settings.
  2. Go to ‘advanced settings’.
  3. Select ‘security and privacy’.
  4. Pay attention to the ‘unknown sources’ section and slide the toggle next to it until it lights up.
  5. Go back to the HP homepage and open the ‘file manager’.
  6. Find and press the name of the file that was downloaded earlier.
  7. Click ‘install’ on the message that appears.

How to Read Manga Comics on Mangaku Pro

Actually, how to read Manga comics online on Mangaku pro apk is not much different from other applications in general.

The only difference is the appearance and the menu provided. However, to be fairer, we provide the following simple and easy-to-understand method1

  1. Open the pre-installed Mangaku app.
  2. Find and select the title of the Manga you want to read.
  3. If you have trouble finding it, please use the search feature.
  4. After finding the title in question, click on the Manga title.
  5. Please read the fully opened comic.
  6. You can also search for chapters or episodes of each Manga title provided.


It’s quite interesting to discuss the Mangaku pro apk reading application this time. Besides being easy to use, there are various Manga titles that you can follow the storyline. Hopefully this article is useful to accompany relaxing time while reading comics.


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