Download Labalabi For WhatsApp APK Old Version [Gratis]

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication applications in Indonesia and even all over the world. WhatsApp has many functions such as calls, video calls, status updates, and many other functions. But do you know about Labalabi For WhatsApp APK?

Besides it can be used to communicate, WhatsApp can also be used to prank your friends or share important news. Bomb chatting or spam chatting in large numbers is one way that can be done for this.

One way is to use the Labalabi For WhatsApp app. Labalabi is an application that you can use to trick your friends, send important advertisements to spam and many other functions.

Spam chat as much as possible so that the ads you share can be considered important by your hard-to-connect friends. If you are interested in using it, below we will give you complete information.

What is Labalabi For WhatsApp?

Labalabi for WhatsApp is an application that can be used to send unwanted chat to your WA friends or girlfriend. This amazing app is developed by Khamles Mevada with nearly 5 million users around the world.

Although this app is not widely known and not very popular compared to other apps, this app is highly recommended if you need a random chat app and want to prank friends.

With this app, you can now send hundreds or even thousands of messages to your friends with just one click. Of course this is very useful when you want to irritate a friend.

If you are interested to know what features this app will provide other than to prank friends, please read the information below regarding the use of Labalabi For WhatsApp.

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Uses of Labalabi app for WhatsApp APK

labalabi for whatsapp apk

The function and ease of use of this application is the ability to send a very large number of messages with one click. It is also possible that your friends are wondering what you used to spam them.

Spam hundreds of thousands of chat

This application allows you to send hundreds or even thousands of chats to your friends. When they open the notification, they will be surprised as they are curious to know who is talking the most. This of course would make them very upset.

This feature makes you not have to send them manually one by one, because it will take a lot of time. In addition, it will automatically be able to send hundreds or even thousands of messages in a short time.

simple show

The appearance of this application is very simple with a list of commands that make users faster in understanding the available commands.

You can be sure when you have finished installing the Labalabi For WhatsApp app, you will have no problem running it.

Indeed, there are currently many applications similar to Lalabi For WhatsApp with the feature to spam thousands of chats of your contacts, but it can be compared to the appearance of this application, because this application is simpler and easier to understand. Definitely very suitable for beginners.

Doesn’t take up much storage space

If your mobile phone has very little storage memory, this application will not fill your mobile memory. The size of this app is very small, which of course won’t take up much storage space on HP with medium to low specs.

We guarantee that any mobile phone is still very able to access this app. This app only takes about 4MB of your HP storage.

Send messages without text

In the past, there was the spam feature, a lot of SMS to the mobile phones of friends. This application is similar to many spam messages to your contacts. But apart from text, you can also send a very large number of messages without text.

Although quite annoying, this app is now popular again, especially in terms of banter. We recommend this app to try it out. You will have no problem understanding all the features in it.

Spam without saving the number

When you want to send unwanted number but don’t want to save number, you can use this app. When there is a new number and you want to send a lot of chat bombs, you don’t need to memorize the number.

The target will also not know who the perpetrators of the chat bombs are. Of course this will make them even more annoyed because they don’t know who sent the chat bomb.

Labalabi for the old WhatsApp and the link to download the latest version

Download labalabi for whatsapp apk

If you are impatient and want to use this app right away, here we are sharing the download link.

Please see the specifications for its use on your existing device, and pay attention to the following explanation.

App name Labalabi for WhatsApp
old version 20.0
File size 5 MB
price free
Developer Kamlish Mivada

When you want to get Labalabi For WhatsApp, please link here easily. You can use this app for free without having to purchase it first.

How to use Labalabi for WhatsApp

Labalabi for WhatsApp

When you want to use Labalabi app for WhatsApp, it is not really that difficult, but if it is your first time using this app, you will surely get confused.

You have to go through several stages in order for the Labalabi app to be used perfectly. If you are confused, please follow the next tutorial we wrote below.

  1. First, please download and install Labalabi for WhatsApp application on your mobile phone.
  2. Next, open the Labalabi app for WhatsApp.
  3. click Acceptance On the consent page, a notice will appear that all risks of using the application are at your own risk.
  4. Then you activate ease in the settings.
  5. If a popup appears that usually contains information, tap OK.
  6. Now entering the stage of using the application, reopen the Labalabi application for WhatsApp.
  7. Then you click “Allow” Allows the app to access contact information on your phone.
  8. After that, all you have to do is call the contact you want to send the WhatsApp chat BOM to.
  9. Option method Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions Agreement.
  10. Now you fill in the message needs, starting with the content of the message you want to write, the text style in Bold, Italy, Cut line and the number of messages sent.
  11. If you are already at these stages, tap “send” to send.
  12. Now the WhatsApp chat bomb will be automatically sent to the target contact in some time.
  13. he did.

If you want to send a BOM chat to a WA group, all you have to do is type the name of the WhatsApp group you want to go to and don’t forget to write the exact group name.

The last word

This is our discussion this time about Labalabi For WhatsApp, this application that you can use to prank friends who are often curious with you. We hope this application helps to make your friends feel bad.

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