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Please download the game Idle High School Tycoon Apk Mod the latest version 2022 is here, because the mod version that we share has all unlocked features, one of which is unlimited money hack no root on android. Ok, just go ahead and read the explanation of this article to the end.

Hobby in playing online and offline games is one of the positive things at this time. Are you also a person who really likes games? If so, now you need to know one of the newest variants, which is themed on the character of the principal in full, see below.

With the development of technology and communication systems, smartphone devices are the main thing that everyone is required to have. Well, this is because by using a mobile phone you can do various things, such as doing long-distance communication to playing games for entertainment.

Moreover, now there are various kinds of online and offline game genres which are certainly very liked by various groups, especially teenagers. This can be claimed to make a person happier and generate unexpected income. That is like going through a competition or fighting with other users in a positive way.

Well, now for those of you who have dreams of becoming a teacher or principal, you can now simulate yourself through free Android smartphone online games. Through the latest game Idle High School Tycoo Mod Apk with various support for famous features in 2022. If you are interested and curious, please see the full explanation below.

About Idle High School Tycoon Mod Apk

Idle High School Tycoon Mod Apk is one of the newest line of Android games that you can play in simulation. Moreover, this game is present right in 2022 by one of the works of a well-known developer based in Berlin Germany, namely Kolbri Games. Of course, with the presence of this game to welcome back to the normal educational environment.

In addition, the unique things that you can find from this one game are. You as a user will apply a character of a teacher and headmaster in college. As in the real world, you are required to create and develop the school environment to make it more perfect and create outstanding students.

One example of this gameplay is that you are required to. Build buildings, create jobs, increase students and classrooms, to increase the reputation of the school so that it can be further improved. Well of all these things you can meet and complete in every tough challenge to the mission in the game itself.

Actually, it’s not only the principal’s character, but this game has a building simulation concept. Which means that you as a user are required to be able to find various kinds of prizes through mini games. Now another unique thing that can be obtained from this one version is being able to play the game according to your own way.

Features of Idle High School Tycoon Mod Apk

idle high school tycoon apk

Of course, every game developer has created a variety of new things to more diverse advantages compared to the Original version. Including now there are various ideal features in Idle School Tycoon Mod Apk that can be used to create a new and fun atmosphere for users.

Without thinking long, of course, when you know there is a dream feature for gamers in this game, you will do the download process. For that, please go ahead for those who are curious to see the full features below.

1. Free

Basically, in every Android online game, the original version, of course, has complete features, even if you have to make a purchase first in order to be able to use it perfectly. However, you will never feel something like that again in Idle High School Tycoo Mod Apk.

Because for all items to the game support process for players this game can be used for free. Although, there are still one or two problems that you are required to complete each challenge to extraordinary missions in the game to create the ideal and perfect campus for students.

2. Unlimited Money

As we have explained that money is still the only important problem that you should be able to get in order to make and manage the campus much more perfect. However, unfortunately this is difficult for you to do in the original version when you want to buy elements to items needed by each student.

For that, if any of you find it difficult and object to the existence of these problems, you must be able to complete every mission and challenge.

So, to find another alternative, that is by playing Idle School Tycoo Mod Apk, which includes the unlimited money feature. So you can purchase elements to any item indefinitely to create the perfect campus.

3. No Ads

Often with the appearance of ads suddenly can make the game process in each game will experience problems, one of which will damage the concentration of users. Of course, you will often encounter things like this if you play the original version of the online game.

For that, it’s no wonder that the modified version is the only alternative that can change this. Because now in the Idle High School Tycoo Mod Apk game, it is equipped with features without ads. So that there will never be an ad or spam present in each of your games.

4. Unlock All Items & Features

The last feature which is certainly the only attraction that makes this latest game very popular and many who want it. That is, all the items and the features in it can be used by you to make the best possible use of it to create a good and perfect school page.

Of course, it will be much different from playing the original version of the game that was obtained through the Google PlayStore. Because all items to features are still very limited and a purchase process is required using game money or coins.

Download Link Game Idle High School Tycoon Latest Mod Apk

idle high school tycoon apk

Do any of you aspire to become a teacher or principal? Well of course as millennials will have positive thoughts like that.

However, what is unfortunate is only the economic system in each family to the ability of students who are still below average. Even so, you as teenagers still have to be passionate about pursuing the desired goals such as becoming a teacher.

Now so that you can apply these activities well, you can try something new and unique, namely by playing the latest online games with their own gameplay system like you are becoming a great teacher.

How could that be? Well, of course, there’s nothing you can’t do as long as you are able and can play the game perfectly. For that, without thinking long, you can do the download process via the following link.

Game Name Idle High School Tycoo Apk Mod
Current Version V 1.7.0
File Size 205MB
Support OS Android 5.0+Up
Download Link Here

How to Install Idle High School Tycoon Mod Apk

It is necessary for you to remember that when the download process has been successfully carried out via the link above, then the next process you should be able to find out more, namely the process of installing or installing games into smartphone devices.

Because the article is that the Mod and Original versions will be slightly different, such as the need to first activate permissions such as Unknown Sources. Now for more details, for those of you who still find it difficult, you can follow it properly and correctly through the tutorial that we have prepared below.

  • First of all, make sure and do the download process for the Idle High Shool Tycoo Mod Apk game file properly and perfectly.
  • If so, then please see and make sure that the file is already available in the File Manager menu or Download Folder.
  • After that, before entering the installation stage, it would be safer in accordance with the conditions as the Mod version, activate permissions through the Settings / Settings menu.
  • Next search and scroll down until you find another option, namely the Security menu to directly put a green check on Unknown Sources.
  • Now when the licensing process is successfully carried out, then please exit and return to the previous menu.
  • Finally, all you have to do is hold down the game file and click the green Install button option. Then wait a few minutes until the installation process is complete.
  • Done and the game can be played immediately.

Now, with you following the steps that we shared earlier, the terms and conditions apply as a modified version to keep it safe when played. That way, play the game and enjoy every bit of fun as a principal and student teacher.


Now, all of the information and explanations that we have provided, you can get the game via the link that we have prepared for free. After that, play the latest version of Idle High School Tycoo Mod Apk along with supporting various premium features.

Moreover, you can play the game safely and comfortably without the need to think about negative things such as being banned. However, as a good user you still have to be careful and alert to what will happen suddenly.

Maybe it’s enough to get here, less and more, we as the team apologize and see you again. Thank you.

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