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Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles: struggle for Final energy in PvP area battles, guild wars & RPG battle campaigns.

About Hero War – Fantasy Battle

Battle for the last energy in the Ultimate Struggle. Tame the chaos, clean up the ones invaded by the Evil Land of Dominion. Set your guidelines. – This is your world further away! Dominate it.

Reach the collection of the strongest Heroes, unlock all their abilities and talents. Energize them as much as previous achievements, dominate them in PvP Area battles, Guild Wars and RPG battle campaigns – make your military invincible and win the Ultimate Struggle. Prepare your personal immortal RPG legacy.

Gameplay of Hero Wars

The gameplay of Hero Wars can be very easy. You just have to build a strong army yourself and take part in intense battles. The character mechanically moves near the enemy and attacks. When the Mana bar is full, you can unleash your character’s abilities. Easy isn’t it?

You have to have an affordable technique if you want to win. Finding the right time to launch your character’s abilities is essential to defeating big bosses. Mix 5 heroes to create your army. There is no ideal hero, each character has very different strengths and weaknesses. Some heroes have good damage, some have strong stamina, some can protect the whole group. Squad selection and association unlocks many alternative techniques for you. In addition, you also have to improve your hero while enjoying the troublesome phases.

Battle Mode

Along with the general story mode, Hero Wars has different modes where you can get assets and bonuses. With the boss battle mode, you will be able to face highly effective monsters and acquire a number of assets to upgrade your heroes. The battles are troublesome, but the rewards are very attractive.

Build Your Own Team

In Hero Wars, a squad can fight most of the 5 members. Initially, you have the default hero of the system. The Hero Wars character system remains very rich. However, if you need a more powerful hero, you have to get it through summoning. If you mention a hero, it indicates that the hero is already in your squad. The assets you gain in battle have a number of payoffs, so use them appropriately and avoid wasting them. It can actually help you to summon heroes to the land of Dominion.

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