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Download GTA Vice City For Android/iOS Small Size + Cheat Code

GTA Vice City – GTA game is an adventure game in a city with various missions that are very unique and interesting to play.

You need to know that the game with the full name of Grand Theft Auto was first released in 1997. Then its glory began when it debuted with the Playstation 2 in 2004 until now.

Then the news of the release of the GTA 6 game is still not officially known. Because many fans still believe in returning to a name, namely Vice City.

We never know where GTA 6 is going for now. Even until now, the title for the next big star has not been officially announced. However, many fans believe in the return of GTA Vice City.

You need to know that Vice City as the setting for GTA 6 can be traced back to the famous “Project Americas Leak” in July 2019.

This alleged leak attracted a large circle within the video game industry, while many subsequent rumors continue to develop to this day.

This PS3 cheat might help you get past every obstacle in the game or to have fun in an easy way in the game.

Grand theft auto or often referred to as GTA is one of the most famous open world games released by Rockstar.

You need to know Rockstar game has released many sequels of this GTA game, starting from GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City, GTA 1V to GTA V which is currently circulating.

The focus of our discussion this time is GTA 4, which is quite fun when played back to reminisce about the past using PS3.

Some GTA 4 also has some spin off games too like GTA 4 The Ballad of Gay Tony and GTA 4 Lost Damned MC.

Each spin off tells different characters and has a different mission path and is very exciting to complete.

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Various GTA Vice City Cheat Codes

Below are some kinds of grand theft auto vice city cheat codes that you can try, namely:

Cheat Kendaraan Roda 2

You have to use this password code then you can bring up the 2-wheel motorbike as you want. The following is a list of cheats that you can try, namely:

  • Motor Akuma: 625-555-0200
  • Motor Double T: 245-555-0125
  • Motor Hakuchou: 245-555-0199
  • Engine Witcher: 245-555-0150
  • Modified Motorcycle: 245-555-0100

Cheats GTA Vice City PSP Weather

  • Clear Weather: LEFT, DOWN, R1, L1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, X.
  • Cloudy Weather: LEFT, DOWN, TRIANGLE, X, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, L1.
  • Cloudy Weather: LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, SQUARE.
  • Rainy Weather: LEFT, DOWN, L1, R1, RIGHT, UP, LEFT, TRIANGLE.

GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Weapons and Ammo


GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Characters and Time

  • Speed ​​Up Time: R1, L1, L1, DOWN, UP, X, DOWN, L1.
  • Speed ​​​​up: LEFT, LEFT, R1, R, UP, TRIANGLE, DOWN, X.

GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Blood and Armor


GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Add and Remove Police Stars

  • Removing Stars (wanted): UP, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, DOWN, LEFT, X, X.
  • Increase Stars (wanted): UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, CIRCLE.

GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Make Street Riot

  • Pedestrians Attack You: DOWN, TRIANGLE, UP, X, L1, R1, L1, R1.
  • Pedestrian Holding Weapon: UP, L1, DOWN, R1, LEFT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, TRIANGLE.
  • Pedestrians Riot: R1, L1, L1, DOWN, LEFT, CIRCLE, DOWN, L1.

GTA Vice City PSP Cheats Extra Money

  • $250,000: UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, X, L1, R1.

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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Upgrades

Below are some of Grand Theft Auto Vice City’s improvements that are getting cooler and of course add to the excitement when you play this game, namely:

How to Choose Weapons and Radios

You need to know that Grand Theft Auto V introduces a new way to choose weapons and radio stations, by bringing up its own menu.

In fact, when the menu is activated, time will be slowed down so that players who, for example, are caught in the shooting action do not suddenly die while busy choosing weapons.

In this way it is also used by many other open worlds and Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered is one of them.

But specifically for the selection of radio stations, unfortunately not all songs from the classic version are available in the remastered version. Among them are GTA Vice City and San Andreas, GTA III is the one that retains the most songs from the classic version.

How to Faster Loading Time

From the classic versions of the three games in Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered, they have the same problem, which is very long loading times.

With this bad habit, it has even become a tradition for Rockstar games where games like GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 also have loading times that are no less long.

Fortunately, the time-consuming loading time issue was fixed in Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered.

Currently, players don’t have to wait for minutes, because in a matter of seconds they can directly enter the game.

Improved Aim assist

You should know that the following improvements have the most impact on GTA III and Vice City. GTA III itself is known for its poor aim assist system.

The issue was finally fixed in the remastered version via free-aim support and the option to set auto-aim.

For GTA San Andreas, the legendary game actually has a good aim-assist but still gets improvements to make it even better and more comfortable.

But it should be noted that the increase in aim assists for all three does not make all three of them aim as good as other Rockstar games such as GTA V or Max Payne 3. Even this increase is still worthy of appreciation.

Checkpoint On Mission

Each mission duration in GTA III is not long, but it still feels annoying when it fails in the middle of the mission.

But when it fails while carrying out a mission in GTA III, the player must completely start over from the beginning, no matter how close the player is to completing the mission.

This is fortunately fixed in the remastered version where now, when in the middle of a failed mission the player will be given the option to choose the closest checkpoint, so there is no need to start over again.

This is a small change that has a big and profitable impact on the duration of the player’s play.

More Modern Control Mechanism

What you should know is that one of the things that existed in classic games but has now been changed is maybe the control mechanism.

These games have different standards and open world games in particular, have different control mechanisms because of the freedom of action they offer.

Even the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Remastered fortunately comes with more modern control mechanisms adapted to be closer to GTA V.

For example, if in the past to step on the gas pedal of the vehicle using the X or A button, now to do the same thing, the player must use the R2 or RT button.

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City

If you want to reminisce about playing the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game above, please download the game via the link [DISINI]


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