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Download GTA SA Lite 200 MB + OBB dan Mod Apk

This one game application GTA San Andreas a few years ago became one of the most popular games boomingespecially among lovers Playstation or PS.

This is the reason that many students after school stopped by first to the nearest Playstation rental, some even skipped just because they wanted to play this game.

Then the developer increased the sophistication of the GTA San Andreas game application, that is, you can download and play it on smartphone.

It can’t be denied that with the many superior features available in this one game, it is the target of many gamers who want to play it.

Because many other online game application developers create various kinds of online games that are more interesting and exciting.

Creating a decline in users of this GTA San Andreas game application, to the point where a third party issued an idea to create this game with the Lite version.

Then an application modification was created from the GTA San Andreas game which is currently in progress booming again, you must already know the name of this application, namely GTA San Andreas Lite.

GTA San Andreas Lite has far superior features and has a pretty luxurious look, as well as having many advantages created.

It’s the same with the version originalthis game can only be played through the Playstation, then later the developerupdate so that it can be played on smartphone We.

Get to know more details about the GTA San Andreas Lite game

GTA San Andreas comes genre open world or so-called adventure games, in this game you will play a character named Carl Johnson.

There is a little storyline, namely, five years ago Carl Johnson or commonly called CJ wandered himself from the pressures of life in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas.

A city with many people rummaging through drugs, corruption and gangs of thugs, until movie stars and millionaires step in to do the best way to solve the problem.

Until the early 90s Carl Johnson had to return to the city because his mother had been murdered, then his family fell apart and his childhood friend would be ensnared.

Upon Carl Johnson’s return to the neighborhood several corrupt cops framed him for murder, CJ is forced to travel across all parts of San Andreas.

The three main cities, namely Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas, are equipped with enhanced game visuals for more than 70 hours.

Isn’t this game quite heavy and takes up a lot of storage in the smartphone so it’s hard to play through android?

Indeed, you may think that way, but in fact the GTA San Andreas Lite game application is quite light and the graphics and visuals are the same as you play on PS.

Because the Lite version storage is lighter than the original made some files in this game deleted, but you guys don’t worry.

These deleted files are generally not very important and will not interfere with the operation of this game, the intended files such as radio, open screenand unimportant missions.

Advantages in the GTA San Andreas Lite Game Application

This GTA San Andreas Lite game that has been modified by a third party comes with additional premium items that can be used for free.

In addition, the Lite version of the GTA game is equipped with various interesting features that will satisfy the hearts and eyes of users when playing it.

Then the interesting features provided are also able to make it easier for you when playing and carrying out each mission.

Another advantage is that you can also do unique ways such as cheating in order to win the mission until the end, here are other advantages that the Lite version of GTA has.

1. No OBB Files

If on version original application users of the GTA San Andreas game will be asked to use the OBB file, in order to run this game.

Meanwhile, to use OBB files, you will definitely face high complexity and have to do it carefully.

However, with the latest GTA San Andreas Lite application, you no longer need to use OBB files, this creates an advantage for many users.

2. No Need to Change Data

This Mod game application is different from the others, GTA San Andreas Lite does not replace data if you want to download or install.

Thus the user can simply do the installation as usual, but one thing that must be considered is storage memory smartphone each of you.

3. Support All GBU

The last advantage that the GTA San Andreas Lite game application has is that it allows all types of phones with some GBU differences.

How come the reviews about the advantages of the GTA San Andreas Lite game application have been able to make you tempted to play it, right?

Not only that, don’t forget that the Mod version of the GTA San Andreas LIte game application also has advanced features that will increase your satisfaction.

It doesn’t take long, let’s just discuss below some of the advanced features that you can use to play the game.

Advanced Features In the GTA San Andreas LIte Game Application

Talking about advanced features, there are several features that you must use to make it easier to operate playing the GTA San Andreas Lite game.

1. Able to Control Very Easily

Lots user already used to playing using stick from Playstationhow about playing on the screen smartphone? will it be easy like wearing stick?

With this problem you don’t need to worry, because the developer has created a simple control button, making it easy to use.

You can also change the control buttons with some of the options provided, make sure the buttons you choose are easy for you to use when playing.

2. Already in Indonesian

This one problem is what makes many users dizzy and confused, of course, if there is no Indonesian language option, it will confuse the storyline.

In the GTA San Andreas Lite game application, it has been designed with several language choices, one of which is our local language, namely Indonesian.

3. High HD Graphics and Visuals

Although this application was created with a fairly small size, it does not affect the graphics and visuals in this GTA San Andreas Lite game.

Maybe the graphics and visuals don’t really affect the running of the game, but if we play a game with high HD and sharp.

It can affect the players, this adds to the comfort and satisfaction of the gamers.

4. Equipped Cloud Save

For example, one time something unexpected happened to smartphone you, thus making the data in the GTA San Andreas game deleted.

You don’t need to worry anymore, because this latest version is equipped with features Cloud Saveuntil all the data stored on smartphone you will not be deleted.

5. Small and Light Storage Memory

This Lite version of GTA has a size that is very much different from the original application, this Lite version only requires 16MB of storage memory.

That way when playing the game there is no lag or error on the game smartphone We.

Up to this point, the impulse to your heart to have the GTA San Andreas Lite game application is very high, right? it is certain that you will be satisfied when using it.

GTA San Andreas Lite Game Application Download Link

When you have understood all the advantages and advanced features offered in the GTA San Andreas LIte game application.

Next, you have to try playing this exciting and interesting game, but because this game is not yet available on the Google Play Store or App Store.

Or you could say because this Mod version of the game has not been officially released by the official developer, so you have to download it manually.

No need to bother with this problem, we have provided a link to download the GTA San Andreas Lite application simply and easily.

Simply by clicking on the link that we have provided below, you will be taken to a download site.

“Link Download >>>

If you have entered the site, you can click the column that says install or download to enter it storage smartphone We.

How To Install GTA San Andreas Lite On Smartphone

The next step is to install this game application into the smartphoneyou can follow the steps that we have written below.

  • The first step you have to open the menu Setting or Arrangement from smartphone respectively
  • Then select the menu Management App
  • Then enter the menu App Permission Settingsthen activate Unknown Source Installation
  • After this click Allow or Agree
  • The next step is to open the menu File Manager
  • Look for the downloaded file, click the file name and tap Instal
  • Finally, you wait for the process to be successful or complete.

It’s quite possible that this is the review of the GTA San Andreas Lite game application, what we write here includes detailed and complete information.

Closing remarks

Thank you to all readers who have taken the time to read our review, hopefully all the reviews on our blog this time can be useful for you.

To the loyal readers of our blog keep visiting if you are looking for detailed information about other things and see u!

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