Download GCam APK For Oppo (A12 & A7) [Google Camera]

Download GCam APK For Oppo is one of the mobile phone brands that is currently widely used in Indonesia, of course making it have many features and also supports several other additional applications, for example GCam.

GCam can be installed on various OPPO brands such as OPPO A12 or Oppo A7. Each version has different advantages.

If you like photography, then it is mandatory to download the Gcam MOD apk so that the camera is more optimal and the photo shots are maximized.

Before starting to download, make sure you try photos using the default camera without GCam and then save the results, so that later you can distinguish the results from shots with or without Oppo’s Gcam.

In this tutorial, we will tell you how to properly install the latest version of Google Camera so that it can be used smoothly.

Advantages of Google Camera Features

The main features that differentiate Google camera from other camera apps can be listed as HDR+, motion, night mode, panorama, photosphere.


HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It can be called increasing contrast and color. Speaking of a scene, this can be thought of as reducing the detail lost when shooting two environments with more and less light in the same frame. This can be fully understood by looking at the photo below. As understood in HDR+, this is an upgraded version of HDR.

When the HDR feature is on, the phone typically takes 3 photos and processes them together to adjust the dynamic range, color and contrast as seen in the photos. In Google Camera, this is achieved by taking 5-15 photos instead of 3 photos. Thus, more accurate colors and more accurate contrasts are obtained. The main thing is that although the number of photos taken has increased, the speed of shooting and photo processing does not slow down too much.

HDR+ Enhanced

This is an advanced version of HDR +. This is similar to HDR + but takes darker, brighter, and more pictures than HDR + and combines them.


This feature can be compared to iPhone Live Photos or HTC Zoe mode. When Motion is on, a short video is taken with the photo and embedded into the photo.


Panoramic shot options are also available on Google camera. There are 4 shooting options in Panorama mode. These are the horizontal, vertical, wide-angle, and fisheye options.


Photosphere is actually a panoramic mode shot in 360 degrees. However, it is offered to users as a separate option in Google camera.

Night view

Night Sight is a much more advanced HDR + Enhanced mode. When the user presses the button to take a photo, it takes photos up to 15 frames 1/15 second or 6 frames 1 second and saves these photos by correcting their color with AWB (Auto White Balance), a Google technology. As a result, you get brighter and clearer photos in low light. We can say that users generally prefer GCam for this mode.


Unlike other camera apps and devices, Google camera portrait mode does not require secondary camera hardware. Thanks to its artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, the focus and background objects are separated from each other and a bokeh effect is applied to the background.

AR Stickers

Announced with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, this feature allows you to use AR (augmented reality) elements in your photos and videos.

Disadvantages of Google Camera

As said before, there are some downsides too. Some of them are:

  • Most of the time, you will get an unstable version of the app which causes the app to crash frequently. It’s just frustrating to do all the hard work to find it and it’s just wasted.
  • If you own a flagship device, like some of the best from Samsung or OnePlus, you’ll notice that the stock camera does a better job compared to the Gcam. The default camera on some flagships produces better pictures than the modified APK.
  • Gcam will not work if you have an old device. Even flagships from 3 or 4 years ago that came with Android Nougat or lower versions don’t support it. However, if your phone has camera support to the API then the chances of success are high.
  • Your mid-range/low-end device with less RAM like 2GB or 3GB will surely struggle to keep up with this heavy application. There will be heating issues, lags, and it will take longer to process the device.
  • Gcam is designed to work in a Pixel device’s single camera setup. If your phone has multiple camera settings, you will not be able to use other sensors effectively with Gcam.
  • Not every time Gcam will click a better picture than your default camera app. There will be certain scenarios where the stock camera will outperform it by a fair margin. So you’ll have to test the scene manually to find out which one is better.

Download GCam Oppo A12 Mod APK


Download GCam Oppo A7 Mod APK

Gcam port v8.4 For Oppo A7.apk

Key Features of Google Camera v8.4

1. Night Sight:- Night Sight is based on the same principles as exposure stacking, which is used in astrophotography. Night Sight uses a modified HDR+ or Super Res Zoom algorithm. After the user presses the trigger, several long exposure shots are taken to create 6 second exposures, up to 15x 1/15 second exposures or 6x 1 second exposures. Image motion metering and tile-based processing allow camera vibration to be reduced,

otherwise cancelled, resulting in a clear and properly exposed shot. Google claims it can handle ~8% frame-to-frame switching. And each frame is broken down into about 12,000 tiles. It also introduces a learning-based AWB algorithm for more accurate white balance in low light.

2. Google Lens:- The camera offers functionality powered by Google Lens, which allows the camera to copy the text it sees, identify products, books, and films and perform similar searches, identify animals and plants, and scan barcodes and QR codes.

3. Portrait Light:- Portrait Light is a post-processing feature that allows a light source to be added to a portrait. It simulates direction and intensity to complement the original photo illumination using a machine learning model. Portrait Light was introduced with the Pixel 5 and backported to the Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, and Pixel 4a 5G. When using the default mode or Night Sight mode, it is automatically applied if there is a person or persons. Portrait Light is a collaboration between the Google Research team, Google Daydream, Google Pixel, and Google Photos.

4. Video Stabilization:- Stabilization video fusion, a technology that combines optical image stabilization and electronic/digital image stabilization, can be enabled for much smoother video. This technique also corrects rolling shutter distortion and focus breathing, among many other problems. Unified video stabilization was introduced on the Pixel 2.

How to Install Google Camera on Oppo Phone

  • First, we need to install Manual Camera Compatibility from the Play Store.
  • After installing the app, open the app and click start.

These five should be ticked green in the test results. If there is a red tick on anyone, then Google Camera will not work.

  • Manual Focus.
  • Manual White Balance.
  • ISO manual.
  • Manual Shutter Speed.
  • Raw support.

If the camera2api app on your Oppo phone is green then download the app by clicking on the link given above. After downloading the application, install it, if there are any problems with the installation, comment below, I will definitely answer.

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