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Download Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 (Ada Maps Indonesia)

Download Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 – What do you usually do when you feel bored? Most people will choose games to overcome the boredom.

There are many types of games that you can play through your gadget, one of which is a truck driving game or a truck simulator. Not only about games, this application can also be used as a medium to learn to drive virtually.

Among the many choices of truck driving simulator games that we encounter today, downloading the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game can be the most sought after by gamers.

Know More about Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game

Euro Truck Simulator 2 can be one of the most exciting games to play on your gadget.

Not only does it offer an adrenaline-pumping game mode, this game made by the developer SCS Software provides a different sensation for anyone who plays it.

Generally, truck simulation games provide a game mode for players to become a driver. But the game Euro Truck Simulator 2 is quite different.

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You are required to be a professional container driver who is able to deliver goods to certain locations.

Not only about the matter of transporting cargo, players as drivers in this game are also required to carry out maintenance on the trucks used. From the activities you have done, you will get money in return.

But playing this game is not always about driving a truck, the driver is also required to have good driving skills.

This is inseparable from the demand that you need to keep the condition of the cargo safe and not suffer any damage.

Difference between Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 Original Version and MOD APK


There are several modified game models currently available, especially for the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.

One of the most popular MODs, especially by homeland gamers, is the MOD formed by Indonesian developers. But what exactly are the differences between the Mod version and the original version?

Realistic-looking graphic quality From From
Ability to display the weather From From
Realistic look just like the exhaust smoke from the truck From From
Unlock all European maps From From
Open all maps of Indonesia Not From
Unlimited money features Not From
Unlock all available truck options Not From
App/game price status Paid Not

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game Specifications and Download Links


For those of you who can’t wait to getdownload game Euro Truck Simulator 2it’s a good idea to listen to the full specifications of this ETS2 game along with the download link below.

It is also important to pay attention to the detailed specifications below so that there are no obstacles when playing.

App Name Euro Truck Simulator 2
App Size 250 Mb
Release Version v1.36.2.2s
Release Date May 2020

APK Download Link:

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Interesting Features of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game

It’s not the best simulator game if it doesn’t offer interesting features in it. GameEuro Truck Simulator 2 comes with a variety of game modes that are guaranteed to be exciting and thrilling.

Some of the features and game modes include:

1. The choice of Truck Vehicles is quite varied


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is famous for the types of trucks used in its gameplay. Not only gasoline-fueled vehicles, now this game also releases electric-powered trucks.

Not only that, the models embedded in the trucks are also quite varied, such as Brazil, Europe, and even America.

2. Customization of skins and models of trucks trailers and drivers that are quite unique


It’s not just a matter of vehicle choice, this game also offers customization features on the skin and model of the truck you’re using.

More than that, you can also choose the appearance of the driver or driver according to your taste. Here you will have more space for creativity and exploration.

3. Realistic Shapes


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After offering truck models and skin customization, Euro Truck Simulator 2 also provides realistic graphics and vehicle shapes.

This is inseparable from the game development process that involves various parties to create games with high quality.

You can feel the results of this development when playing this game. Some important parts such as cabin suspension are being applied to trucks so that they can give a realistic impression when driving.

More than that, px antennas, bumps, and weather conditions are also embedded in the gameplay of this game. Some of the other advantages presented in this latest version of the game include:

  • Option to customize steering sensitivity
  • There are several types of steering control
  • The appearance of smoke from the exhaust looks realistic
  • Gearbox selection options both manual and automatic options
  • Customize the driver location according to the cab
  • Some of the simulation features on the truck include autopilot features, arrows, low and high light, types of key variations, and other features
  • This game also presents a realistic-looking graphic quality complete with configurations and options.
  • The shape of the road is also made as real as possible, such as potholes, mounds, sandy roads, and so on.
  • Maps or routes that can be fully unlocked
  • There are many types of cargo used in this game, such as light cargo, bi-train, and other types
  • Weather cycles that are quite real such as weather conditions during the day, night, and when it rains
  • Scoreboard display options
  • Achievement system that has been obtained by the driver
  • radar display indicating fines for violating traffic
  • The presence of additional displays such as crowds of people or pedestrians
  • Availability of GPS in truck dashboard
  • GPS on dashboard
  • There is a driver’s license (SIM) display, complete with photos and game levels
  • Other modified features such as Infinite Gold (unlimited gold), no ads that appear, and the option to play in offline mode.

How to Install Euro Truck Simulator 2 Game


After you have read the reviews above, then we will describe a simple way to install this Euro Truck Simulator game.

But first, you need to make sure that the application file that you want to install has been completely downloaded. If not, you can download it directly via the download link we have provided above.

  • Start by looking for the settings menu on your android device. Continue by selecting the “security” menu. Look for the option “unknown sources” then check the option.
How-to-Download Game Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • After checking the option, continue by looking for the APK folder that you previously downloaded.
  • After finding the file, proceed by selecting the “install” or “install” option
  • Wait until the installation process is complete
  • After the installation process is complete, continue by extracting the APK data file and placing it in the Andorid > Obb folder > select “here”
  • After doing some of the processes above, you can now use the application without any problems

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Simulation games have recently begun to be in great demand by gamers. This is inseparable from the unique sensation offered like driving a real truck.

For those of you who are interested in playing it, follow the steps Download Game Euro Truck Simulator 2 on.


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