Download FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK No Watermark [Gratis]

In this increasingly sophisticated era, there are more and more video editing applications that you can use. One of them is FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK which is a video editing program with various supporting features.

This Mod application can be used for free, because if you use the original version, you have to spend some money to be able to use the available features.

But don’t worry, you can use the Mod APK application so you can continue to use its features without having to subscribe. FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK is an application that can be used to make videos more interesting.

Items that you can add such as sound effects, photos, and interesting music. This added feature lets you create professional-looking videos using just your smartphone.

For those of you who want to know more about this application, you don’t need to worry. Because, soon we will discuss it in full for all of you. Let’s see the discussion!

About FilmoraGo Pro APK

FilmoraGo Pro is a video editor application with intuitive and easy-to-access features and can be used to edit videos on smartphones without any annoying watermarks.

But over time, there is now a mobile version called FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK. The difference between these two versions is the way they are used, the user interface, the number of features, and the flexibility in editing.

Apart from that, there are also some differences between the PC version of FilmoraGo and FilmoraGo for android. Of course, the PC version feels very flexible compared to FilmoraGo.

But that’s not a problem, because this app is like most other Android video editing apps.

So if you want to create simple video content for different social networks, you can trust this app. Of course, this is because FilmoraGo has many advanced features.

Examples include features for adding sound, adjusting the volume of music and audio clips, creating subtitles, adjusting color gradations, video transitions, and more.

As mentioned above, you need to switch to a premium account to use all the features of FilmoraGo. There are some limitations on free accounts such as the presence of a watermark on the video produced after the editing process.

If you use this modified application, you can use all of these excellent features for free. In the following, we will explain what interesting features are provided by FilmoraGo.

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What are the advantages of the FilmoraGo Mod APK application?

filmorago mod apk

We enter the discussion of features, this application can provide many features that are very useful for making videos according to user needs.

Well, for those of you who can’t wait to find out, here are some features of the FilmoraGo Mod application that you can access for free:

No Watermark

Most photo and video editing applications generally come with a watermark for those of you who make edits with a free account.

But don’t worry with this Mod version of FilmoraGo, you don’t have to pay to remove the watermark effect from the edited video.

You can set the feature to remove the watermark that will appear on your video easily, just activate the feature and your video will be clean of watermarks.

Providing Various Templates

FilmoraGo Mod APK has some cool templates that you can use for free. With this included template, you can beautify the appearance of your videos with just one click.

The template in question is also the same as a filter or container that will make your video more aesthetic and attractive.

Can Add Music

Music is often used to fill the background or background tone so that the video doesn’t feel lonely. In fact, music sometimes also plays a role in creating the atmosphere in a scene.

So you can add and select the music you want to include in the video for editing. Of course this is one feature that will be very useful for you to use.

Various Interesting Effects

The video creation process doesn’t feel complete without adding cool effects. Effects on videos can be images, filters, aphorisms that describe the video and others.

You just need to install the effect you want to put on the video to make it look cooler. Very interesting is not this one feature?

Adding Transition Effect

You need to know, this transition effect is used to distinguish one part of the video or turn it into another part. This transition effect is used to give an aesthetic impression to a video.

Well, in this application you can find many cool transition effects for you to try. So, you can adjust to your video needs to make it more pleasing to the eye.

Can Set Speed ​​Control

There is a speed feature in this FilmoraGo Mod APK that allows you to set the speed level of a video. This function allows you to slow down or speed up the video to make it better.

Use this speed control feature to add an aesthetic to your videos. So, you can easily set the speed you want.

Video Share Features

After the video is finished, you can immediately share it to various social networks such as WhatsApp, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, email, Tumblr or YouTube.

So you don’t have to bother opening and closing the application to load videos. Of course this will make the process of sharing videos easier and not reduce the quality of the video.

There are subtitles in the video

Subtitles are used to write dialogue translations from a film or video in a foreign language. So, this subtitle allows the audience to understand the spoken dialogue, so that the action of the film or video can also be followed by certain parties.

Provide Multiple Languages

There are several languages ​​available in FilmoraGo pro Mod APK that you can apply. So please choose a language from Indonesian, English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Romanian, Russian, Korean, Chinese, etc.

Choose the language that is easiest for you to understand so that you don’t have trouble accessing the application and its features.

So, that was our review of the interesting features provided by the FilmoraGo Pro Mod application, how interesting is it?

Download Link FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK Without Watermark

filmorago without watermark

Because this type of FilmoraGo application is not an official version, you can’t get it through the Playstore. Therefore, the file has to be downloaded and installed manually.

Before downloading an application, it is recommended to first check the specifications to match the capabilities of your smartphone. Here are the specifications of this application:

App Name Filmorago Pro Mod APK
Version 6.5.6
Price Free
Size 85 MB
Requires Android 7.0

After you know the specifications, and you are interested in downloading the APK file from this application, then you can click here to start the download process automatically.

Here’s How To Install FilmoraGo Application Without Watermark

download filmorago without watermark

Since you are not downloading this app from the Google Play Store platform, the installation method is also different. Before installing this application, there are several things you need to do.

To avoid errors during the install process, here are the steps on how to install the FilmoraGo Mod APK file.

  • The first step, download the FilmoraGo APK file from the link above.
  • After the APK file has finished downloading, do not open it immediately.
  • You must first open the Settings app or Settings on your phone.
  • After that, swipe down and open the Security & Accessibility menu.
  • Then look for the option called Unknown Sources.
  • Well, you can tap on this option to enable it.
  • If it is enabled, now go to the download folder where the FilmoraGo Mod APK file is stored.
  • Then, tap on the FilmoraGo Mod APK file to open it.
  • Now, install the app by following every instruction on your system.
  • After the program installation process is complete, you can immediately use it with all the functions it has to offer.


Actually there are many video editing applications on Android phones that you can use. However, FilmoraGo Mod APK is one of the best that you should try.

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If you want to experience all the features for free, download FilmoraGo Pro Mod APK from the link above. That’s all that can provide, we thank you for listening to our discussion this time.

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