Download FF Max Latest Version 2022 And How To Install

Free Fire gamers definitely can’t wait to feel the sensation of playing in HD quality by using FF Max.

Many gamers want to download this FF Max game to feel the sensation of the Free Fire game that is different from usual.

Free Fire Max is a FF game with a much better version in terms of quality, graphics, gameplay, etc.

The appearance of the Free Fire game is smoother and the graphic quality is more detailed than the regular version of the FF game.

The news of the existence of this FF Max game has been heard for quite a long time, especially among gamers, but it is only limited to testing.

And the most unpleasant thing is that this Free Fire Max game can only be played on certain servers.

In other words, not all FF gamers from various countries can play or experience playing FF Max because of server constraints.

Even though this Free Free game is one of the best online games and the most played by all gamers, not only in Indonesia.

Suddenly when they heard the news, of course, many gamers felt disappointed because they couldn’t play the game.

Because indeed the server in Indonesia is not included in one of the servers that can play the Free Fire Max game.

However, friends don’t need to worry because here we will try to help so you can feel the sensation of playing the FF Max game.

On this occasion we will discuss more about the FF Max game and see the explanation in this article.

What is FF Max

For you Free Fire gamers, of course you are already familiar, not about the news of the presence of the Max version of the Free Fire game.

Because this Free Fire game is one of the most popular games with more than 100 million downloads.

The FF Max game was made specifically by the FF developer, Garena, which was specially designed with a better version.

Garena offers an HD display and resolution that will make the game look more real and have a different sensation.

This FF Max game was only officially released in August 2021, although previously there was news about this version of the game.

However, not all devices can play this Free Fire Max game because this game requires a high version of the device.

To be able to feel the sensation of the Free Fire Max game by playing it, players must register first.

Because later there will be an activation code that can be used to download the application officially through the Google Playstore.

In the Free Fire Max game, of course, there are interesting features that will add to the sensation of playing the Free Fire game.

Therefore, here we will provide information about what advanced features are in the Free Fire Max game.

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Free Fire Max Apk Mod Features

2 features on Free Fire Max

Garena as the developer of the FF game, of course, has a special reason for releasing the same game with different qualities.

This is of course to attract the attention of FF game players and develop FF games so that they are not eroded by the times.

When releasing an application or game with the same name but there must be a significant difference between the two.

Because it is impossible that there are no advantages of the latest version that can attract fans to play the game.

This also applies to the Free Fire game because the evidence is that before FF Max was released, many players were waiting for this version.

Moreover, there are many reports that say that everything in Free Fire Max is much better than the regular version.

Including in terms of existing features, this FF Max game offers more quality and sophisticated features than the previous version.

Here, the admin will provide information to friends about what features are in the FF Max game.

  • Gameplay is played much faster.
  • Game display is more HD (Better quality).
  • All existing Bugs have been fixed.
  • Has X8 Scope.
  • Ultra HD graphics.
  • Game control is much easier.
  • Map Feature Update.
  • Updates to characters, animations and sprints.
  • Adding options medicine-to-run on the recent menu.
  • Some adjustments to characters like Luqueta, Jota, Shani, Etc.
  • Lonely Wolf 1v1 Mode.
  • New weapons
  • Players can request items from teammates.

Well, those are some of the advantages of the features in this FF Max game and of course you can’t get them on the regular version of FF.

Download FF Max 2.64.1


After discussing the latest features of the Free Fire Max game, it certainly makes you want to try that version, right.

Not only one or two people want to try the sensation of this game but almost all gamers want to play it.

The application for the FF Max game is already available on the Google Playstore but from Garena’s side it is still regulated in the pre-registration status.

And as we explained earlier that currently only certain devices and servers can play the game.

When you are already using Android version 4 or high then you should be able to try playing this game on your device.

Without bothering to look for the download link, you can directly download the gameHere.

For more detailed information about the specifications of this game, we will provide a complete explanation below.

App Name Garena Free Fire Max
App Size Varies by device
Version 2.64.1
Device 4.1 or high

How to Install FF Max Game

Maybe many players are still confused about how to install this game because it is still in pre-registration status.

But now you don’t need to worry anymore because here we will provide an explanation of how to install the FF Max game.

The following are the steps to install the FF Max game application on a smartphone so that it can be used properly.

  • First, make sure that you have downloaded the Free Fire Max game via the link we provided in the previous discussion.
  • Then the next step is that you need to download “OBB file” Internet.
  • If you have downloaded the file, just extract the file using the application “Zarchiver”.
  • After extracting the OBB file, immediately move the file to the internal storage folder, namely: “save data”
  • Then rename the file to .com.dts.freefireth1 and click save.
  • After you have done all the steps correctly then open the FF Max application earlier.
  • You can play Free Fire games with HD resolution and good quality.

Well, those are the steps to install the FF Max application so that it can be played properly on your device.

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How to Overcome Can’t Login Into Application

4 ways to overcome not being able to log in to Free Fire Max

Maybe not all gamers can play this game even though they have successfully downloaded the application through the Google Playstore.

Because this game is still in the pre-registration process and cannot be fully played by all gamers.

Well, if you are having problems not being able to enter or log into FF Max then don’t worry because here we will provide tips.

The following is an explanation of how to overcome or a solution. when gamers cannot login to the Max version of the Free Fire game.

  • Before downloading make sure that you have entered the activation code correctly.
  • Always update the application version.
  • If you are still having problems then use another additional tool like a VPN.

So, those are some tips or how to deal with when you can’t log into the Free Fire Max application, hopefully it can help.


Thus the discussion this time about FF Max which is the latest version developed from Garena.

Many gamers can’t wait to try this Free Fire Max game because the quality offered is far more.

We hope that the explanation we provide in this article is easy to understand and can be useful for people.

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