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Download Drama China The Heart of Genius Sub indo After graduating from the Department of Philosophy, Lin Chaoxi’s life was not happy. He buried the seeds of mathematics in his heart, but because he looked up to his father, Lao Lin and his first love, Pei Zhi, two math geniuses, he was not confident until he experienced two parallel trips of space and time. Unleash power beyond imagination. This is the first time that morning and night have come into parallel space and time. He was only twelve years old here. With Lao Lin’s help, he spends his summer vacation with all his might at the Summer Olympics Camp, regains his confidence in mathematics, and decides to take the initiative in life. . On the second time and space trip, Lin Chaoxi and Pei Yi returned to the third year of high school together. In the fight between the two of them, Lin Chaoxi gained the courage to face life. Back in the real world, Lin Chaoxi takes part in a modeling competition to earn money to subsidize her family while preparing for the graduate exams in the Mathematics Department. To help Lao Lin, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, recover as soon as possible, Lin Zhaoxi and Pei Zhi promote the study of the P=NP problem and together climb to the top of mathematics. The story is told here, and the book is closed every day. It turns out that this adventure is a story that novelists create every day

Drama: The Heart of Genius
Country: China
Episodes: 34
Airs: Jul 22, 2022 – ?
Original Network: CCTV, iQiyi
Duration: 45 min.

Lei Jia Yin
Zhang Zi Feng
Zhang Xin Cheng

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Episode 1

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