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Download Dead Survival MOD APK 1.7 (God mode/Dumb enemy)

Many FPS games require players to focus on defeating the enemy. Dead Survival takes your adventure even further. It is running away from the undead that has no humanity. Your aim and escape skills will determine the outcome of the game screen. A land that the undead has besieged has no way out. Players are sent there to deal with all the undead. From there, proceed to save the world from this dangerous pandemic. With every weapon in hand, you must use it in the right situation. The undead can appear from behind and give you the most tragic ending.

Download Dead Survival mod – Shoot and destroy all the undead

The zombie apocalypse is a curse that has been decided upon the world. At some point, all humans will become infected and become strange creatures. Only a few survive and aim to protect themselves. Going further is to purify the entire world by eliminating the undead. The adventure of Dead Survival places the player in the shoes of an unknown warrior. He was one of the survivors of the apocalyptic event. Trained to use any weapon capable of combating the undead, you will control the main character to participate in combat missions. Defeat the number of undead and disperse a large area for a reward.

Each area has a different distribution and characteristics of the undead. One thing that makes Dead Survival so tricky and scary is the random appearance of the undead. They will come from behind and attack you if you are not paying attention. Players have a certain amount of health and equipment on a game screen. Use the gun to aim and shoot down the zombies in the distance coming towards you. Additional ammo in secret areas and abandoned buildings. A simple way to move with Joystick on the left side of the screen. Swipe the screen to the right to change the angle and ensure no zombies are near you. In addition, aiming skills are equally crucial in battle.

Dead Survival mod apk

Various ways of fighting

Dead Survival’s weapon system is an exciting point that helps players have a different experience. For example, you can choose your favorite weapon to fight on the game screen. From rifles, heavy guns, sniper rifles… Secondary weapons have also increased the tactical level, including grenades, knives, chainsaws, irons… If you’ve ever had shooting skills. In FPS games, using them is no problem. Damage adjusted for each weapon for balance. Sometimes you have to confront a crowd and use grenades to distract them. All weapons require handling the situation to give the player a direct advantage.

Dead Survival mod apk free

Typical tense atmosphere

Players will be immersed in the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Survival as they seek to destroy the undead in the first stage. The buildings were dilapidated and devoid of people. Everything brings a dark and deadly color. Evokes the tension and fear of a direct encounter with the undead. They will constantly move towards you and attack frantically. You have to find a way to deal with the weapons you have. Thoroughly inspect an area before moving into it and getting supplies. Tactics don’t just appear in fighting games. Even a shooting game like Dead Survival needs to calculate how to move to ensure victory.

Dead Survival mod free

Change the entertainment mode.

Dead Survival has a lot of modes that can all be played offline. You do not need an internet connection to experience this game. The most popular modes include killing the undead, fleeing, capturing the area, and surviving through time. The original mode requires the player to kill the undead in areas of the world. In the escape mode, you do not need to shoot continuously but just run to the base in time and escape the siege of the undead. Survival mode tests your endurance as the undead continuously attacks in waves. Weapons are fully provided, but sometimes the modes have some limitations.

Take control of cities where large numbers of undead need to be destroyed. Turn a ruined city into a real battlefield between humans and the undead. You have all the weapons you need to fight the undead as a survivor. Using top-notch aiming ability, combining weapons to prevent the undead from approaching. Dead Survival mod turns players into the savior of the earth in the period of destruction by the zombie disaster.


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