“Don’t you wear a hijab?” – Netizens Reprimand Nabila Razali For Wearing A Tight Swimwear, Only Covering Her Hair With A Hat

Recently, actress and singer Nabila Razali uploaded a picture of her holiday in Pulau Redang through her Instagram page which has become the focus of netizens.

Through the delivery, the Pematah Hati singer was seen standing in the sea water wearing a swimsuit.

However, what caught the attention of netizens was the wearing of Nabila’s swimsuit which was considered tight and showed her body shape.

In fact, there were even netizens who reprimanded about her neck aurat and questioned when she was seen only wearing a hat to cover her hair in the counter room.

Is that wearing a hood? – netizen.

Neck aurat right?”Wrote a follower.

I’m sorry for the strict reprimand, the shirt looks like a body shape,” wrote one netizen.

If you can, don’t post this picture, please, it’s not sweet for people to look at, if you can keep it to yourself, don’t show it near other people,”Wrote another Instagram user.

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