Don’t Write Off How Far You’ve Come

Tonight when the demons in my head want to take over, I’m reminding myself that I am amazing, and I have accomplished things I dreamt about for years.

I graduated from college. I have a B.A. in psychology. Other people had that. Not me. But now I do.

I’m getting my Master’s degree in social work.

I am a published writer.

Yes, my brain and other people are tearing me down and screaming at me that I can’t do anything right.

But the evidence? The evidence is that I have survived 16 years of special needs parenting. And that is an accomplishment.

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I survived 19 years of being a military spouse. Not everyone does that.

I crawled my way through years of severe back pain and two surgeries. And I came out the other side.

Anxiety, depression, people who don’t like me and think I’m worthless?

You won’t win.

I will get back up.

I will NOT give up.

I might have to stop and regroup. Give myself breathing room and take my meds.

That doesn’t mean I’m weak or incapable.

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It means I am smart enough to recognize when I need help. I’m strong enough to get back up. My brain and the naysayers don’t get to win.

Because I am enough!

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Calleen Petersen

An Ordinary Mom who believes in standing up, speaking out, and sharing her truths. A student of psychology. I write about disabilities, parenthood, life, and my thoughts. You can find me at An Ordinary Mom’s Musings.

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