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Don’t throw away damaged Tupperware, there’s a new way to replace it at no cost

Whatever type of goods we use will not always be good. Until time will be broken. So is mom’s favorite tupperware. But there are also new ones that have been damaged without being used. This is sad.

It’s a shame to throw it away. Moreover, the Tupperware brand that can withstand the price and is a favorite of mothers. But if you save it, you can’t do anything and can’t use it at all.

Maybe the Tupperware brand is worth it if it’s been used for years and looks broken and unattractive. But, don’t keep throwing it away, it’s still valuable and there’s a way you need to know to exchange it for a new one. Most importantly, it is free of charge.

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New Free Tupperware Replacement

Sharing from Wan Rosni as Elite Presidential Director at Tupperware Brands Malaysia on how to claim and not claim if any Tupperware items are damaged.

“A customer came to exchange old rice under the Tupperware LifeTime Guarantee.

“A little about the Lifetime Warranty at Tupperware, what damages can be claimed and what cannot be claimed. I hope you can be clear about this and after this if any Tupperware is broken @ rotten don’t throw it away, you can refer to an authorized stockist near you.

For more than 50 years, Tupperware Brands has proudly lauded product excellence with a Lifetime Warranty. All Tupperware products under the Tupperware trademark by Tupperware Brands are guaranteed to be fully functional over the life of the product when used for ordinary household purposes.

We will replace, at no cost, any Tupperware product or part thereof that shows a manufacturing defect when used for normal household use.

If the Company no longer has spare parts or replacement products in stock, then the Company will provide an alternative @ product spare parts with the latest colors, which offer the same functionality and value as the original product. The company has the right to accept and/or reject alternative product options recommended by consultants and/or customers for product exchange.


If a replacement part is no longer available, all other components or parts that complement a product must be sent back for replacement, even if the part is still in good condition.

If a replacement part or product is no longer available, an alternative product must be selected from the regular catalog at the listed price.

Replaced parts or alternative products may not be available in their original colours. Color choices are not allowed.

If the alternative product is of lower value, no refund will be issued.

If the alternative product has a higher value, the consultant or customer is required to pay the difference in value. This is called top up.
Refills for these replaced products will not count towards commission and bonus purposes under the Tupperware Brands Business Plan or any incentives.

These are examples of items @ parts that can be claimed under the Life Time Warranty.

Who can claim:
1. Decay due to the passage of time
2. Tear like the lid of the container
3. Cracks (cracks)
4. Rolling (warping)
5. Peeling
6. Flake (chipping)

Don't throw away damaged Tupperware, there's a new way to replace it at no cost

Don't throw away damaged Tupperware, there's a new way to replace it at no cost

1. Dirty
2. Bite
3. Liquid
4. Negligence
5. Color change
6. Scratches (scratches)
7. Impression Cuts (cuts)
8. Leaking (related to the pipe)
9. Printed
10. Like (rope)
11. Sarong (pouch)

Don't throw away damaged Tupperware, there's a new way to replace it at no cost

Don't throw away damaged Tupperware, there's a new way to replace it at no cost

Women’s Weekly : Okay, after this, just take the broken tupperware in exchange for a new one. But, you have to understand very well which ones can be claimed and which ones cannot be claimed.

Source: Wan Rosni

Don't throw away damaged Tupperware, there's a new way to replace it at no cost

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