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Don’t get bored, this is how you unlock a new role in Super Sus

When we talk about Super Sus, we will find many roles. Be it in the category of space, crook and neutral.

Each role certainly has its own difficulties. And we must always be creative in developing our playing style.

Well, the role of Super Sus does not unlock immediately when you first play it. Because you have to unlock these roles first.

Want to try to unlock a role in Super Sus? Here I will explain the steps.

How to unlock new roles in Super Sus

So far, Super Sus has dozens of roles that you can play. How to get a role in Super Sus also varies.

It will depend on the rarity of roles in Super Sus. There is something to be gained simply by collecting prizes up to premiums.

To be clear, here I explain several ways to unlock new roles in Super Sus:

1. Play Classic Mode multiple times

First, you can play in classic mode multiple times. The goal of playing in classic mode is nothing but to get a trophy.

So you can collect this trophy. Because every little PointYou can get Rewards One of them is a role in Super Sus.

2. Make sure to get the daily bonus

In the game Super Sauce also has daily quest or daily errands. You can complete this daily task every day.

Because usually you can have it prize Which can help take on a new role.

Sometimes, if there is an event, you can also exchange points from the event to a new desired role.

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3. Collect as many rewards as possible

Collect many rewards in Super Sus

As I also explained in the first point, collecting trophies can allow you to get new roles.

Interestingly, it’s not just new roles that you can get by collecting trophies, you know. You can also get maps, emote A new mode depends on the number of trophies collected.

4. Open roles with cookies

Open role with cookie

Finally, you can get roles using cookies. More or less this cookie is a file Element that acts as a transfer medium.

So simply put, at this point, you can get roles and replace them with cookies. These cookies can be obtained for free as long as you play Super Sus.

Apart from cookies, you can also buy roles in Super Sus with Donuts and Golden Stars (Premium Roles).

List of the most used roles in Super Sus

There are many roles in Super Sus. You can check it yourself through the official website. But if you want to know what is being used often (so that you can prioritize unlocking), you can check out the list below:


  • Spacecrew – The usual role to do missions
  • Sharif – a role where we can beat the crook and win
  • The astrologer – the role through which we can detect the fraud
  • Engineer – can fix remote tasks
  • Detective – can detect fraud
  • Guardian – can give a shield to friends
  • Swapper – can exchange voting results
  • Time King – He can go back in time

a fraud

  • Impostor – Ordinary Impostor
  • Conjurer – can cast some kind of curse
  • Chameleon – can be disguised
  • Flashbang – can create a light effect that dazzles other players
  • Ninja – can teleport


  • Joker – If he gets a vote he will win
  • Hypnotist – can create combos
  • Phantom – If you get a vote or keep losing, you can continue the mission and win

Because what is written here, is what I encounter most while playing Super Sus. But of course the more Super Sus you play (and the higher your rating), the more diverse characters you’ll find.

The last word

There are several ways to get a new role in Super Sus. It is recommended to know the ability of each role in this game.

The goal is that you can win every match easily. Because the roles will be chosen randomly random by system.

For those who want to ask questions, you can submit a question in the comments column below.

It might be useful.


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