Does the bicycle law really encourage cycling?

  • Drive on any public road or street designated as a bike path
  • Do not ride on footpaths or sidewalks, but only on bicycle routes
  • Not clinging to another vehicle

In developed countries, this will be possible. But due to the lack and condition of existing bike lanes (for the whole of Metro Manila), cyclists are forced to occupy either a lane full of cars or the sidewalk, whichever Safer. If they had a choice, they would rather stay away from cars, but with such limited space, they constantly find themselves within arm’s of or less from cars.

Before it can be enforced, the government must ensure there are proper bike lanes that are not occupied and not obstructed by cars and motorbikes. Existing places are better than nothing, but if they are not the safest place on the road, cyclists will simply go to any place that is safe, even if they ignore the law.

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