Do not accept the video while bathing is spread, the wife reports her husband to the police

Edukasinewss – A woman in Lamongan Regency, East Java has reported her husband to the police.

The woman with the initials ZN did not accept her husband SN’s post, 35 years old, on social media while taking a shower.

SN’s motive is that he does not want to divorce his wife.

In the end, the case ended amicably because ZN withdrew its report.

Kasatrekrim Lamongan Police, AKP Komang Yogi Arya Wiguna, revealed the beginning of this case.

The couple SN and ZN are already in the process of divorcing.

One time, SN, who had been separated for a long time, immortalized ZN while taking a shower.

On Friday (10/6/2022), he said, “This couple is divorced and separated for a long time.”

Then SN uploaded the photo taken with the cellphone to their social media page, namely Facebook.

ZN’s victims who were busy on social media tried to contact SN and asked him to delete the upload.

He added, “Because the applicant’s efforts were ignored by the complainant, he reported this case to the police.”

And with this report from ZN, continued Komang, the police conducted an investigation.

The police also received screenshots or screenshots of photos uploaded by the suspects to their Facebook stories page.

Reporters brought evidence on one sheet of Facebook Story status screenshots by uploading photos of naked or naked women.

Currently the pornography case between husband and wife ended peacefully and the wife did not continue the report.

The complainant and the complainant agreed not to proceed with the case.

“The report has been withdrawn,” he said.

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