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Dismantling the left-wing bull *T: “Lying is a lie to immigrants!”

Ron DeSantis broke left. We summarize all of Martha’s Vineyard Gazi and expose the lies spread by the left. A policewoman was also beaten at a traffic station. And you know we need to discuss a passing shop teacher with outrageous fake boobs.

Dismantling the left-wing bull*T: “Lie to immigrants!” | Louder with

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  • Ohio’s Willoughby Police Department released footage of the traffic swerving last Wednesday the 14th. Source: YouTube
  • Police Academy Fitness Standards (OHIO) Source: KENT.EDU
    • sit ups 1 minute
    • Push-up 1 minute
    • 1.5 mile run
      • Male – 14:06
      • Female – 16:46
  • The same principle is in the military
    • In 2018, the military implemented age- and gender-neutral testing.
    • but! The test had to be cancelled. Sources:
      • Too many women failed
      • 41-52% of women succeeded
      • 83-92% of men succeeded
  • New Army Combat Fitness Test Standards by gender: 22 to 26 years old. Source: GOARMY
    • standing force throw
      • Male – 6.3 m
      • Female – 4.0 m
    • Sprint Drag Carry
    • 2 mile run
      • Male – 22:00
      • Female – 23:15

Justin Trudeau Sings Queen

  • Justin Trudeau took time out of his trip to England to do his best at impressing Freddie Mercury. source: Twitter
    • However, not everyone in London felt the same.
  • A British mobster told Trudeau to flee to Canada. source: Twitter

Canadian trans teacher

  • Photos and videos of a Canadian store class teacher went viral. source: Twitter
    • The Ontario school is said to stand by the trans shop teacher’s choice not only in breast prostheses but also their choice in bodycon skirts and shirts.
  • Kamala Harris says it’s very important. source: Twitter
    • Everyone deserves to be who they are, without harassment or discrimination. this is important “.

The authorization is under investigation

  • The Bexar County Sheriff in Texas plans to open an investigation into Florida Governor Ron DeSantis after he “lured” immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard last week. Source: WaPo
    • Sheriff Salazar added, Source: MiamiHerald
      • At this point, I can’t definitively say which law they broke, whether it’s federal, state, or local, but what I can say is that it’s wrong.
    • Quick Fact #1: Immigrants are not ‘tempted’. DeSantis explained how well they knew what was going on. source: Twitter
    • Quick Fact #2: A Biden official has secretly moved immigrants across the country since taking office. source: NYPpatriotic pulse
      • August 2021: 2000 planes to New York.
      • December 2021: 130 people (mostly minors) are relocated to Pennsylvania.
    • Quick Fact #3: The Florida government has budgeted $12 million for the relocation of illegal immigrants. Source: WFLX
      • Illegal immigration costs $116 billion annually. Source: Adel
  • The plane that was used to transport the immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard is scheduled to take a flight from San Antonio to Delaware today. source: Twitter
  • The number of immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua increased by 175% from last August. Source: CNN
  • The left has now labeled both of the top 2024 Republican candidates as fascists and is investigating them.
    • why? Because the left has to stop the Nazis.
    • “Race 2 Dinner” co-founder, Saira Rao, on Twitter: SOURCE: Twitter
      • “This is a Trump rally last night. At a glance, it could be Nazi Germany.”
      • “If you’re a Republican, you’re a Nazi.”
      • “If you are married to, dating, or befriending a Republican, you are married to, dating, or befriending a Nazi.”
      • “If you don’t want to be a Nazi, speak up.”

Adam Levine’s mistress is not a victim

  • Sumner Struh, 23-year-old lover of Maroon 5 Adam Levine, revealed their relationship in the following TikTok video. source: Twitter
    • Adam Levine, 43, is married to Victoria’s Secret model Bhatti 34, and is pregnant with her third child. Sources:
    • Here are some examples of Adam Levine’s courtship style. Source: Tiktok
      • “It’s really unreal how hot you are. Like, this blows my mind”
      • “You are 50 times hotter. Me too hahaha.”
  • Here is Adam Levine on his pre-marital behavior, distinguishing himself from him “misogynistic pigs” In 2012. Source: NickiSwift
    • “There are two kinds of men: there are men who are misogynistic pigs, and there are men who really love women, and think they are the most amazing people in the world. And that’s me,”
    • “Maybe the reason I’m promiscuous, and my desire to sleep with so many of them, is because I love them so much.”
    • Sumner showed this follow-up video hours ago, where she is the victim and not, and they both accept and shy away from responsibility. Source: TikTok

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