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Direct Money Making Applications To Viral Accounts & Proven Paying

Direct-to-account money-making applications and a list of other fastest money-making applications, you can get in this review.

On this occasion, the Ikoma.Co.Id admin will share an application that can make money with just a cellphone.

On the phone that you are holding right now, of course, there are several social media applications or entertainment platforms that become friends when you fill your spare time.

But who would have thought, you can just make millions of rupiah per day just by playing the application. That way, you can use your free time to make money and make more profits.

Curious what the application is, keep reading this review because we will provide several lists of money-making applications directly to accounts that are going viral.

9 List of Fastest Money Making Applications Directly Into Account

There are so many money-making applications that can be played for free on cellphones. Starting from money-making applications, money-making games, money-making slot games and many other types of applications.

And mostly, the app will provide you with several tasks that you have to complete each day to earn an app coin.

Here you have summarized some applications that make money directly to an account that have been proven to pay. For the list, it’s below.

1. Milieu Survey

Milieu Survey is an application that has been released for a long time and can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Even though it has been released since 2022, this application is still highly recommended for those of you who want to make a profit without capital.

How to play in this application is to fill out a survey. For every day, dozens of surveys are provided that you can fill out to get coins with varying amounts.

So, here you can complete as many missions as possible to get more coins. For exchanging coins, this application provides various withdrawal methods, one of which is a bank account.

2. Cash Pop

2. Cash Pop

If you want an easy way to earn money from an app, maybe you should give this app a try.

Cash Pop is an official application and is already available on the Play Store. How to get money in the application is fairly easy, just by activating the application you can immediately get a coin.

So, you will get a bonus in the form of coins when you run an application such as watching YouTube, opening Instagram and all applications on your cellphone.

So this might be a recommendation for those of you who are lazy to bother completing missions.

3. TikTok

Maybe you are already familiar with this one video social platform. TikTok can be said to be a versatile application and has many fans.

Besides getting entertainment from watching videos, in this app you can also benefit from inviting friends and new TikTok users.

So if you install the application on your cellphone, you can try to invite your friends, relatives or family to enter the referral code you have.

In addition, in this application you also have the opportunity to get great benefits by registering yourself as a content creator of TikTok.

4. Neo Bank

4. Neo Bank

Neo Bank or Neo Plus is a very useful application. This application is similar to a digital wallet platform that can manage your finances.

But the difference is, here you will get a neo bank account after registering and filling in some personal data information.

This application holds free money sharing events for users who invite new friends. After your friend enters the referral code and completes filling in personal data information, you will get a credit of 25 thousand rupiah.

So that it can be said, this application is still a recommendation for those of you who want to make money quickly from an application. And of course, this application has been supervised by OJK so it is safe to use.

5. Snack Video

5. Snack Video

The next list of applications may be very familiar to you. Yes, Snack Video is on the list of the fastest direct-to-account money-making applications.

Not a few users of this application have received many benefits in the form of real money. The trick, you only need to invite people who have not used this application.

And you will also benefit if the users you invite watch videos in this application. So you can use it to reap profits of up to millions of rupiah per day.

6. Carnival Jackpot Application – Direct Money Maker To Account

In addition to the list of applications above, you can also earn money in a game application called Jackpot Carnival.

This application is official and available on the Play Store. In it there are many choices of slot games that you can play to get money that can be withdrawn to a Dana or OVO account.

You will not be bored when playing it, because in this application there are various types of slot games. In addition, you can also benefit from some of the missions provided.

7. Darts Match

Battle Darts is an official money-making game that was released last January. Although this application has not been released for a long time, it has already been downloaded more than 100 thousand downloads.

In addition, this application gets a 4.1 rating score which makes you not have to hesitate when playing the application.

Here you can play a game and get coins from each mission provided. Not only that, there are lucky spin missions and watching videos that can help you get more coins.

After the coins are collected, you can immediately withdraw them to your Fund account. You can also exchange with other withdrawal methods.

8. Royal Knights Slice

8. Royal Knights Slice

This application is a game that was recently released on the Play Store. In the application there is a game that you can complete to get diamonds and coins.

Every 100 diamonds you collect, will be converted into 1 rupiah of real money. And interestingly, in this application you can make withdrawals of up to 1.5 million Dana or OVO accounts.

So the application can be a recommendation for those of you who want to earn money without capital.

9. Buzz Break App – Money Maker To Direct Account

9. Buzz Break App – Money Maker To Direct Account

For the last money-making application, it is a news-reading application that is already quite viral. This Buzz Break application provides news reading assignments and some information about entertainment.

So you will also know what news is viral and hot on social media. And of course, after reading the news you will get a commission in the form of coins that can be exchanged for a digital balance account.

That’s above some applications that make money directly to the account that you can use. Of course, the list of applications above can be used and played for free without capital.

Hopefully with this review, you no longer need to be confused about how to get money easily. Because of the application above, you can play while lying relaxed at home.

That’s all we can say, hopefully useful and see you soon.


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