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Ruri turns into a gecko in episode 34 of the Digimon Ghost Game titled “Wall Crawlers.”

It was a scary episode. Seeing everyone turning into geckos, climbing walls, and having lizard like tongues really gave me goosebumps. The stakes aren’t that high in this episode, but it’s still pretty scary.

Salamandamon is a pretty basic villain, and it’s not much of a threat. It’s not life threatening. This episode turned out to be pretty average. The episodes were averagely creepy and didn’t live up to the expectations I got from it.

Here are the latest updates.

Episode 35 Speculation

An unknown monster will attack people in episode 35 of the Digimon Ghost Game titled “Werewolf.”

According to the preview, everything that will happen in the next episode can only be stopped with a sacrifice. The next moment we see Ruri being carried away in a white dress to a dark place. He’s a sacrifice to save people, I guess.

Fandoms have divided opinions on who will be the villain next week. The one that makes the most sense is Lamortmon. Many believe that he is behind all of this. However, Weregarurumon is another contender. Let’s see which side wins!

Episode 35 Release Date

Episode 35 of the Digimon Ghost Game anime titled “Werewolf” will be released on Saturday, July 23, 2022.

1. Are Digimon taking a break this week?

No, Digimon Ghost Game is not off this week. Episodes will be released as scheduled.

Episode 34 Recap

Digimon attacked a girl who was sleeping in her room. The Digimon drops a liquid from its tongue which turns the girl into a lizard-like monster. Hiro is cleaning his house with Gammamon. At night he went into a room and found the same girl crawling on the walls of his room.

He finds an open jewelry box and some diamonds missing from it. He recognized the face and remembered that it was Nanami. The next day, he went to his house, and his parents pointed out his condition.

Digimon Ghost Games | Source: IMDb

That night, Hiro, Kiyo, and Ruri waited outside to see what would happen. Suddenly he crawled out of his room and went to the tower. They found another person who had turned into a gecko there.

They all separate and steal diamonds from people’s homes and other places. They took them all to the Digimon shrouded in flames, and the Digimon ate the diamonds.

That night, Ruri was attacked by a Digimon and turned into a gecko. Kiyo tells Hiro that there will be a large diamond exhibition in the tower at night, and Digimon will probably target him.

They went to that place and later found out that Salamandamon was behind all of this. This is done to maintain carbon levels in the body. They attack him, and Betelgammamon defeats him, bringing everyone back to normal.

Hiro agrees to give Salamandamon some graphite to help him meet his carbon needs.

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About Digimon Adventure (1999)

Digimon, short for “Digital Monsters,” is a Japanese media franchise that offers pet toys, manga, anime, games, movies, and even trading card games. The franchise was remade in 1997 as a series of virtual pets, influenced by the Tamagotchi/nano Giga Pet toy.

The franchise gained momentum with its first anime, Digimon Adventure, and an early video game, Digimon World, both of which were released in 1999.

Digimon, this series focuses on monster-like creatures, who inhabit the “Digital World”, parallel universes originating from Earth’s various communication networks. Digimon hatch from eggs called Digi-Eggs, and they go through Digivolution, which changes their appearance and increases their strength over time.

The Digivolution effect, however, is not permanent. Digimon that have been digivolved will find most of the time revert to their previous form after a battle or if they are too weak to continue. Most of them can even talk.

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