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“Difficulty, it’s cheap, it’s worth it” – It’s not hard to buy Vellfire to save children’s homes, here’s the explanation – Article Update

One goal of each individual must be driven by the strongest motivation to continue. According to financial advisor, Dr Mohd Shukur, the ‘love’ factor is a person’s main grip to achieve what he wants.

The story of a medical practitioner who put children’s housing funds as the main goal and put aside the desire to buy a luxury car recently got a lot of reaction.

Dr. Shukur explained, the term ‘saving to buy a house for children’ was the strongest motivation for the couple in making their loved ones happy.


Dr Azlindarita’s post was triggered because she could afford a Vel.lfire but didn’t want to buy it, because she wanted to save up to buy a house for her children.

This made the Vellfire/Alphard Warriors feel uncomfortable as if they were wrong or wrong.

Dr. Azlinda seems to have a strong millionaire mind.

He puts a small percentage for Needs and Wants, and a large percentage for Investing, here he chooses the real estate sector.

She uses the term “saving to buy a house for the kids” as the strongest motivation for her and her husband.

For human age and nature, the “L0VE” factor is the strongest motivation to move people to fight or survive.

Some say, don’t buy a house for your child, let them buy it themselves.

But a BIG WHY some people are is making the lives of their loved ones happy and easier.

Just like you bought your wife’s dream gold chain. He’s happy, very happy… you know. But the point here is that you feel happier because of your work/business, making your wife happy too.

Makes you more enthusiastic to continue working / doing business.

Makes you more motivated and wants to continue to achieve growth (success) every month.

Whatever your desires or difficulties, you will overcome them because it makes you and your wife happy.

I am very close to a good friend of mine who enjoys doing business every day because his goals are:

1) Wants to buy a car for his children.

2) Wants to give a 10% Home Deposit for his children.

3) In addition to housing, he wants to buy a house to be used as a homestay for one of his children. So that their children have additional income.

4) He wants to guide his children and help each child have 1 business or 1 company.

He had other things to talk about and asked for my opinion.

I find these factors to be enthusiastic/motivated to succeed.

This is the ‘L0VE’ factor for success.

He has min.da milli0naire.

Not because we can’t get all this, then we say don’t spoil children.

Not because we can’t get all of this, then we say it’s wrong because we can’t get it.

That’s right, it’s because you didn’t get all of these that you are successful now. Because you’ve been hard.

However, there are also many who experience difficulties but do not succeed.

Not many people like you are successful now.

Many also go through difficult times and come from difficult families but still try hard, are not enthusiastic and do not struggle.

For example, it is now the 23rd …

Check your agent (if takaful business for example) who comes from a poor family…

Has he filed 10 cases this month?

Somehow there are still 0 cases.

So, do you still believe…that authenticity will make people fight until they succeed?

Even the difficulty is worth it to make some people successful.

What was valuable was the awareness to stand up and fight and he kept at it until he succeeded.


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