Difference between Paypal and Paylater that you need to know

Edukasinewss – Technology that is increasingly developing provides relief for some users, even now several applications have been developed that provide payment services or money loans with easy requirements.

Recently, the term PayLater has become popular among audience groups, especially in online shopping programs. What exactly is PayLater? Is there a difference with the term PayPal which is no less famous?

What is PayLater?

PayLater is a payment step where consumers can buy one item and pay it off later, so you can buy the item you want whenever you want and don’t have to pay when you make a purchase. The idea of ​​PayLater can be called not much different from credit.

Like credit in general, PayLater has quite a lot of interest. In essence this system is the same as a credit card. Just as noted on Akirate.id, which compares the two, namely, you will be borrowed some funds by one faction with a certain limit to fulfill your interests. The difference is, pay later which is usually provided on online buying and selling sites does not need to use a physical card.


And PayPal according to Bankrate.com is an online payment mechanism that can be used to send, receive, or buy goods. When you link a bank account, credit card, or debit card to a PayPal account, you can use PayPal to make online purchases with stores that provide PayPal payments.

By registering a credit card or bank account with your PayPal account, you can send payments using the Send and Receive Money option. The money will be credited to the receiving account and can be transferred to a bank account, or used to pay.


If you shop online and see the PayPal symbol on the merchant’s web, it means you can pay using PayPal. Just specify PayPal at the checkout. You will be prompted to log into your account and confirm payment. Your financial information is never seen by the seller or online shop.

If you just create a PayPal account, you are not charged. However, as PayPal mentions on the PayPal.com website, you will be charged a fee if:

In short, the PayLater program is a system for purchasing goods by paying them off later and will be bailed out by the company concerned first. And the PayPal program as a digital money program that can be used to pay, send, or receive money.

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