Diablo Immortal in a Week Successfully Earned 1.5 M

The success of the Diablo Immortal game, in a week managed to get a revenue of RP 1.5 billion in Indonesia. This game is a game with the RPG genre that is done by a party called NetEase Games and is available on various Android, IOS and PC platforms for free.

This game certainly creates a lot of hype, especially if the game already has a very large community base. This is what Blizzard and NetEase Games have witnessed in their games that have made significant gains in Asia, particularly Indonesia.

It is known, the game was released on July 7 last in Asia Pacific, before being released in Indonesia, this game has been released in other Asia Pacific countries such as Japan, South Korea and Australia.

As one of the games that has just launched, of course, it will not be missed from various criticisms, even so they claim that the income they get from Diablo Immortal per day exceeds 1 million US dollars (around Rp. 15 billion) and they managed to earn revenue in Indonesia of Rp. 1.5 Billion

Diablo Immortal has also been downloaded 790,000 times in the Asia Pacific region. In Indonesia, this game has been downloaded by 96,000 players. Considering there aren’t many Diablo fans in the country, that’s actually a pretty good number.

This game is a game with the Massively Multiplayer Online Action Role-playing (MMOARPG) genre that provides a very exciting playing experience and an interesting storyline and allows players to play as one of the heroes of six different (classes).

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