Diablo Immortal Becomes the Lowest Scored Game on Metacritic

The long wait for the release of the latest RPG game made by Blizzard is finally over. Unfortunately, the launch itself did not meet the expectations of fans who had been waiting for it. How not, Diablo Immortal actually got quite a negative response from gamers. To the extent that Diablo Immortal was named the game with the lowest score on Metacritic. Why is that? Let’s follow latest game news following.

We all know that Diablo Immortal’s negative response has been born even though the three games were first announced in 2018. Fans were furious with Blizzard’s decision to release the game exclusively to Mobile devices. Seeing this response, the studio decided to release the game to PC devices. Unfortunately, the unhealthy microtransaction system even carried over when it was released in 2022.

Metacritic Diablo Immortal Score Worse Than Battlefield 2042


In a report we got through VGC, rating site Metacritic reported that Diablo Immortal has occupied the position of the lowest scoring game on its page, beating all the PC games listed. At this second, the game experienced a decrease in user scores by 0.2/10 from the previous 0.5/10. This score is even worse than Battlerfield 2042, Gran Turismo 7, and GTA: Definitive Edition.

This happens because fans feel disappointed with the Microtransaction system which is considered too excessive. What’s more, recently a YouTube user named Bellular News has done his analysis and said that it takes more than 1.5 billion Rupiah to create a character. Maximum Stats in Diablo Immortal. The bad news is, until now Blizzard has not even responded to the protests of gamers.

Despite being the worst game in Metacritic, Diablo Immortal has been downloaded by 10 million players

Despite the bad position he is currently in, who would have thought that Diablo Immortal has apparently been downloaded by 10 million players. The studio says that this is the “biggest launch in the Diablo franchise.” The number itself has been calculated through the number of players registered on Mobile devices and PCs. What’s more interesting, the achievement is only obtained within a week after its release.

For those of you who still insist on trying it, then you can play Diablo Immortal on PC, IOS, and Android platforms. As usual, PC users can access it for Free-to-Play via the Blizzard.Net page. What do you think, does Diablo Immortal deserve the worst position on the Metacritic page? Don’t forget to write your comments below.

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