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Diabetes Can Cause Stroke Complications to Blindness

Diabetes Can Cause Stroke Complications to Blindness

Stay healthy – The World Health Organization or WHO classifies diabetes mellitus as one of the most deadly diseases in all corners of the world. This disease can interfere with the processing of glucose in the body, resulting in health problems.

Diabetes mellitus itself is divided into two types, namely type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. The two types are distinguished based on the cause.

Quoted from lama, type 1 diabetes occurs due to autoimmune problems in the body. The immune system, which should be able to work against pathogens, instead attacks beta cells in the pancreas, which play an important role in insulin production. As a result, the body cannot get an adequate supply of insulin to break down glucose into energy, resulting in a buildup of blood sugar.

While type 2 diabetes occurs when the body does not respond properly to the hormone insulin. This will have an impact on the insulin produced by the pancreas no longer works optimally to break down glucose. The impact is the same as type 1 diabetes, namely the accumulation of blood sugar.

Type 1 diabetes generally appears due to genetic factors, viral infection, or a history of hereditary diseases. Type 2 diabetes often occurs because of problems with being overweight, lack of physical activity, or with age. The general symptoms that appear in both types of diabetes are almost the same, frequent urination, constant hunger and thirst, unwanted extreme weight loss, fatigue, blurry vision, wounds that are difficult to heal.

In addition, diabetes also has the potential to cause disease complications. Following are some of the complications caused by diabetes.

1. Heart Disease

The accumulation of blood sugar triggers problems in the heart system. People with diabetes are at high risk for narrowing of blood vessels, which can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

2. Kidney Failure

Contamination of blood sugar causes the kidneys to work harder in the filtering process. Such a situation is very risky to damage the structure of the kidney so that chronic kidney failure occurs which can endanger health.

3. Memory Disorders

People with type 2 diabetes are prone to memory disorders or Alzheimer’s which can lead to dementia or memory loss. This health problem occurs because the condition of blood sugar is not controlled so that the performance of the brain cannot work optimally.

4. Severe Injury

As discussed earlier, diabetes will make the sufferer easy to get injured and difficult to heal. In severe conditions, the wounds suffered by diabetics get bigger until they decay and end up in amputation.

5. Eye Damage

Diabetes also has the potential to cause damage to the blood vessels in the eye which can lead to blindness. In addition, diabetes is also considered to increase the risk of developing cataracts and glaucoma in the eye.

In order not to cause serious and dangerous complications, diabetes must be found out as soon as possible. If you already know the symptoms of diabetes, immediately consult a doctor.


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