Desire To Remarry Has Been Despised, Ras Adiba Appears To Speak Out!

Member of the Senate, Senator Datuk Ras Adiba Radzi came forward to speak out after some irresponsible parties had belittled her and her husband, Mohamed Azam’s wish to remarry.

The Desire To Reconcile Has Been Undermined

Through a post on Instagram, Ras Adiba recounted that some ridiculed her as a widow and her husband as a widower. Some even questioned their desire to remarry.

“When my husband and I came back, some people made fun of me as a widow and him as a widower. Some question our desire to be united and belittle our desire to remarry. ”- Said Ras Adiba


No man is perfect

Admitting that no human is perfect, he also described those who despise their desires as despising the Divine order.

“To them, I want to say, we are human and we have no right to judge others. Nothing is perfect.

When you question and ridicule us, it is as if you are disregarding the Divine rules. Mate and death in His hands. Who are we to question Qada and Qadar, everything is already written. ”-Said Ras Adiba

via Instagram Ras Adiba

At the end of his delivery, Ras Adiba also asked the parties involved not to worry about other people’s lives, and to be grateful for what was there before it was taken away from us.

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