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Deputy Minister of Agriculture Visits Sergai, Regent: “Sergai Targets to Be the Number 1 Rice Barn in the Province

KRIMUNTODAY.COM, SERGAI – Regent of Serdang Bedagai (Sergai) H. Darma Wijaya and Deputy Regent of Sergai H. Adlin Umar Yusri Tambunan, ST, MSP, received a working visit from the Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Wamen) RI Harvick Hasnul Qolbi. This visit also coincided with the implementation of harvest together in Gempolan Village, Sei Bamban District, Wednesday (28/9/2022).

Thanks were conveyed by the Regent of Sergai for the willingness of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture to visit the Indigenous Lands. His presence, said Darma Wijaya, is a form of the Central Government’s attention to developments in the regions.

Darma Wijaya then explained, Sei Bamban Sub-district, which is the location of the meeting today, is the area with the largest rice field area in Sergai, reaching 5,000 hectares. Overall, the Regent said that Sergai has 31,284 hectares of land for rice farming.

Bang Wiwik, the Regent’s nickname, said that the Sergai Regency Government has a vision of realizing a Continuously Forward Sergai: Independent, Prosperous, and Religious. In an effort to fulfill this vision, his party has launched 7 programs called SAPDA or Sapta Dambaan. One of the 7 priority programs, he said, is to realize independent and sustainable agriculture.

“Sergai Regency is one of the rice barns in North Sumatra Province. According to agricultural statistics in 2021, the production of paddy paddy achieved was 363,623 tons or equivalent to 230,000 tons of rice. During the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all sectors of the economy experienced a decline. Only the agricultural sector is proven to continue to achieve positive growth. This shows that the agricultural sector can play a dual role, namely as a guardian of national stability as well as a support for economic growth,” said Bang Wiwik.

He emphasized that his party has a target to make Sergai Regency the number one rice barn in North Sumatra. The Regent explained that there are several steps that will be taken to achieve this, including maintaining the existing rice fields with regulations, infrastructure development, optimizing agricultural tools and machinery (Alsintan), using high-yielding varieties, providing independent fertilizers, intensifying pest monitoring and control. and increase cross-sectoral cooperation.

However, the Regent acknowledged that to implement these steps, of course, there are many challenges that must be faced. The existing challenges will be overcome with hard work, assistance, cooperation, synergy and collaboration with other parties.

“Especially to the Ministry of Agriculture through the Deputy Minister, in Sergai we have received quite a lot of assistance. These include seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation improvements, farmer training, agricultural tools and machinery and other infrastructure. The assistance that has been given has been utilized and is very helpful for us. However, considering that the agricultural sector must continue to be improved in order to support self-sufficiency in food, we really hope that the attention and assistance in the future will be even more increased,” hoped Bang Wiwik.

The atmosphere of Serdang Bedagai Regent (Sergai) H. Darma Wijaya and Sergai Deputy Regent H. Adlin Umar Yusri Tambunan, ST, MSP, received a working visit from the Indonesian Deputy Minister of Agriculture (Wamen) Harvick Hasnul Qolbi.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture on this occasion said that the main purpose of his visit was to absorb people’s aspirations and establish dialogue in improving the quality of national agriculture.

Harvick said that one aspect he often hears about is that the fertilizer distribution situation is still not good. According to him, 30% of the complaints he received from farmers revolved around the difficulty of getting subsidized fertilizers.

“We will immediately follow up on this matter. One of them is by reviewing the Definitive Plan for Group Needs (RDKK). We can improve the regulations if there are inputs and requests from the public,” said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

Harvick assessed that the agricultural potential in Sergai was quite good. However, according to him, this can still be boosted even better through synergy between lines.

“I see the Sergai farmers are very enthusiastic, even though they have to face various challenges. We hope that in the future there will be new barns, more adequate Alsintan from the center, and we will try to accelerate this better,” he said.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture Inaugurates Toga Park, Sergai Regency

During his visit to Sergai, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Harvick Hasnul Qolbi also had the opportunity to inaugurate the Toga Garden (Family Medicinal Plant) which is located next to the Great Mosque of Sergai, Sei Rampah.

Harvick gave high appreciation for the initiative of the TP-PKK Sergai Regency which initiated the establishment of the Toga Park.

“This park is full of plants that have extraordinary health benefits. The potential is huge if it is developed more seriously,” he said.

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture said that some time ago he also encountered the concept of a garden like this in West Sumatra. During his visit to Pasaman, residents there complained about how to market this plant so that it has economic value.

“Then we immediately held training and socialization related to licensing, marketing, exports and so on. So don’t let this kind of good thing end up being a discourse or not being sustainable. Moreover, this Toga Park can be useful for maintaining local wisdom through the agricultural sector,” he said.

Head of TP-PKK Sergai Ny. Hj. Rosmaida Darma Wijaya said that the Toga Park was created by PKK Sergai as one of its work programs. He explained, there are 1237 plants consisting of 222 species in this park.

“Of course, having a garden like this will be very beneficial because later it can be used as a traditional medicine that prevents or treats various acute to chronic diseases. Besides that, it can also be used as a complementary seasoning for cooking or add its own aesthetic value if the plants are planted in an orderly manner,” he said.

The visit of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture was also attended by Sergai Regional Secretary HM Faisal Hasrimy, AP, MAP, Damrem Infantry Colonel Luqman Arif, SIP, Head of GOPTKI Sergai Ny. Aini Zetara Adlin Tambunan, Chairperson of DWP Sergai Ny. Uke Retno Faisal Hasrimy, and PKK Sergai cadres. (MS)


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