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Definition, Types, Tips and How to Make it

Until now, there are many ways that can be done to optimize website SEO. One of the most effective ways or strategies but still rarely used is to use schema markup.

As a content writer or marketer who is responsible for marketing products (product marketing) or brand services (service marketing) through content marketing channels (content marketing), the markup schema needs to be considered for optimization.

Because, even if it’s just a set of code that doesn’t look that complicated, schema markup can bring more traffic to your website. So, website content has the opportunity to get the highest ranking on the search results page.

Especially with the renewal of Google’s algorithms and the current content marketing metrics, it requires marketers to pay attention to all factors of planning and compiling quality content. With the aim of creating SEO friendly content and having a content structure that is easily readable by Google’s search engine index.

For marketers in the digital marketing field who are not familiar with the strategy of applying markup schemas and how it can increase the visibility of digital content on search engines. Article from inMarketing The following will discuss the basic concepts, as well as the various types, as well as the best way to construct schema markup.

What is Schema Markup?

According to the Neilpatel website, schema markup is a set of useful codes for search engines to better understand the information on a website and can display brief but informative information on Google’s search engine result page (SERP).

This is in line with the meaning of schema which is a set of languages ​​that are useful for representing actual data which is also called structured data. This structured data will organize the content on the web page so that the information in it can be easily understood by Google.

So, this markup code allows search engines to recognize the meaning and relationships behind the information on the website which will be displayed as a featured snippet. As a result, users can more easily and quickly find the important information they want. And it benefits the website owner because it will increase the click-through rate (CTR) and user experience (UX).

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Schema Markup Type

To date, it is known that there are hundreds of different types of schema markup which represent the answers to many different questions that users search for through search engines. However, inMarketing will contain eight types of markup that are commonly used by website owners.

1. Organization Markup

Organization markup is a type of markup on search engines that is useful for explaining the identity of a company, starting from the official logo, contact info, location, and social profiles. This markup is very effective in helping business owners present the information the audience needs when the audience wants to get to know the company more deeply and wants to contact the company.

2. Review Markup

Markup for reviews is useful for displaying ratings which are usually located at the bottom of the content entry on the SERP page. This rating feature will be very useful for customers who tend to like to buy certain products or services based on reviews. The rating will show customers what other people think about the site or the products on that site.

3. Sitelink Markup

Sitelink markup is useful for companies looking to add additional navigation links to relevant listings on SERP pages. Instead of only listing links to the website’s homepage or landing page, users can also see links to other important pages of the website. For example, links that lead to product menus, company profiles and contacts, and so on.

4. Product Markup

Product markup is a type of markup which is commonly used by businesses that sell goods or services. As the name suggests, this markup will tell Google about basic product information on a website. So users will be able to see more product details directly on the SERP page.

5. Person Markup

Furthermore, person markup aims to display information about an individual, such as name, date of birth, address, education, and family members. Google assumes that if a user searches for someone’s information by name, then that user is probably looking for some basic information about that person.

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6. Local Business Markup

Local business markup is very important for companies and businesses. Because, this markup can show website elements that contain contact information, addresses, and other important details of a business. Where Google then displays that information in the local business panel on the right side of the SERP.

7. Article Markup

Basically, article markup is most often used by news sites and blog sites. Schema markup will make it easier for search engines to understand interesting content based on title, time of publication, featured image, and even video.

8. Video Schema Markup

The last type of markup is schema for video-based content. Video markup is a great way to help Google crawl and index videos on a website. The use of this schema can also help videos on a website to appear on Google video search, in addition to having to appear on YouTube.

How to Create Schema Markup

So the question is what is the right way to create or compile a markup schema on website content? Eits, no need to worry because you can find out by reading the full tutorial below.

1. Akses Structured Data Markup Helper Google

The first way to create the easiest markup schema is to use Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper tool.

2. Select Data Type

After that, select one of the common data types from the list of structured data provided. For example, here we select the “Articles” data type.

3. Salin URL

Then, copy the URL of the web page that you want to markup. Make sure the URL you copy is the URL of the site that has already been uploaded to Google. You also have the option to paste the HTML code. If you successfully copy the URL, then click “Start tagging”.

Wait a moment because the markup helper tool is loading the web page you want to markup, so you can start marking it right away. Web pages will appear on the left side and data items will appear on the right.

4. Start Marking Page

When the web page has finished loading, then you can start marking or marking the part that you want to optimize with schema markup.

First of all, highlight or block words or sentences that will be schematized. Then, right-click on the previously highlighted word or sentence and select a data item from the menu that appears.

5. Generate HTML

When the marking process is complete, click the “Create HTML” button at the top right of the screen. You will receive a code that you can add to the site.

6. Added Code Language

In addition to the five stages above, you can also use another method by applying one of three languages ​​into the HTML code of the web page to tell search engines what is on the web page. The three languages ​​are:

  1. JSON-LD is a script that is added as a block of data, so it will be separate from the rest of the page code. Google recommends using JSON-LD because JSON-LD’s data blocks are easier to manage and modify or edit when needed.
  2. Microdata almost the same as JSON-LD in that it is a script added as a block of data, but has a different format. The microdata code must be embedded into the HTML of the web page which is not friendly for beginners to write and update schema code.
  3. Resource Descriptive Framework in Attributes (RDFa) much the same as microdata in that it can be added to web page code via HTML tags and attributes. RDFa allows website owners to integrate content pages with other applications or platforms that also use schema markup.

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