Definition of Work Productivity and Factors Affecting It

Definition of Work Productivity – What is Work Productivity? Work productivity is the ability of workers or employees or staff in a company to produce compared to the inputs used. For more details, see the Definition of Work Productivity and Factors Affecting Work Productivity below.

Definition of Work Productivity

Work productivity is the ability of workers or employees or staff in a company to produce compared to the input used, an employee who works in an agency or company can be said to be productive if the employee is able to produce products with a short period of time and in accordance with the goals expected by the company.

Factors Affecting Work Productivity

There are several factors that can affect work productivity, including:

1. Education

Usually someone who is highly educated will have better work productivity. Therefore, education is an important requirement in increasing employee productivity. Without the provision of education, it is impossible for someone to be easy to learn new things.

2. Work discipline

Work discipline is a psychological attitude of someone who always wants to follow and understand the rules that have been determined. Work discipline has a close relationship with motivation. Discipline can be obtained by doing exercises, among others, by working to appreciate the time and cost that will have a positive influence on employee productivity.

3. Motivation

The boss of an agency or company needs to know & understand the work motivation of all employees. By knowing the motivation, the leader can guide and encourage his employees to work more productively.

4. Skills

Skills greatly affect employee productivity. The work skills of employees in the company can be improved through job training.

5. Attitude & Work Ethics

A person’s attitude in fostering a harmonious and balanced relationship within the group itself as well as with other groups and ethics in work relations is very important, with the achievement of relationships in the production process will increase productivity.

6. Technology

With technological advances including increasingly sophisticated equipment, it can certainly support production levels and make it easier for workers to carry out work.

7. Earning rate

The higher the position and work performance of employees, the greater the wages received. With a large income will provide satisfaction to the employee which makes the employee will be more enthusiastic about working.

8. Nutrition and health

A person’s immune system usually depends on the nutrition and food consumed every day. Good nutrition and food will affect the health of employees and all of that will affect the productivity of these employees.

9. Work environment and work atmosphere

The work environment of employees here includes relationships between employees, relationships with leaders, work place or location, work environment, lighting and others. Which is very important to get the company’s attention because employees don’t want to work because there is no work cohesiveness or an unpleasant work space. Which of these things can interfere with the work of employees.

10. Social security

The company’s attention and service to employees is by supporting health and safety services. With the hope that employees will be more passionate and more enthusiastic in working.

11. Production facilities

Factors of production must be adequate and must support each other in the production process

12. Achievement opportunity

Every employee can develop the potential that exists within him, by being given the opportunity to excel, the employee will be able to increase his productivity.

13. Management

With good and correct management, of course, employees will be well organized as well. In this way, work productivity will be maximized.

Thus our discussion of Work Productivity. May be useful.

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