Definition of Webmail Server and Client and their Benefits

Webmail as an e-mail service that can be reached via a browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, drama and so on. E-mail or Webmail sites as one of the groups of web and e-mail clients that use the Web page as a medium for managing e-mail on the client side.

According to its character, users of e-mail sites do not need to install software, just do a little composition. With the advantages and conveniences that webmail has, which can be reached on other computers, there is no need to reset the service immediately.

The benefit of using a mail site is that your e-mail can be reached anywhere, unlike if we use other programs such as Outlook Express, Mozilla’s Thunderbird where e-mail can only be accessed from certain computers. While the weakness in connecting e-mail via webmail is that we have to be connected to the internet if we want to check or read e-mail from our own account.

The facilities available when we use webmail include:

Often with advances in technology, it makes e-mail service providers make webmail versus mobile. Mail versus mobile sites can be reached via a mobile device that is connected to the internet, either through a built-in browser or an add-on program such as Drama Mini. The thing that needs to be a concern when connecting e-mail via a mail site is to always log out if we connect via a computer at an internet cafe.

An e-mail client, e-mail reader or more formally a User Mail Agent (MUA) is a computer program used to manage user e-mail. The term can refer to the mechanism by which a user’s e-mail box can connect, apart from it being an MUA, a delivery server, a web program that provides message management, formatting and acceptance functions. This is sometimes referred to as an e-mail client but is often referred to as a mail site.

An e-mail client is a program used for e-mail organization, either for paid or free e-mail accounts. The stipulation is that there must be a POP3. E-mail client is commonly referred to as Outlook Express.

The benefit of using a mail site is that we can manage our e-mails freely compared to e-mail client programs, besides that we can use a number of features that may not be supported directly by e-mail clients such as chat on Gmail and Yahoo. And the benefit of the e-mail client is that we can update the latest inbox without having to check it manually.

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