Definition of Enculturation and Complete Examples – On this occasion, we will discuss about the definition of enculturation according to the application experts, examples of which we will discuss and we will explain in detail as below

Definition of Enculturation

Definition of Enculturation is a social process carried out by individuals, studying and adapting their thoughts and attitudes to customs, normative systems, social orders and rules that live in their culture.

The process of enculturation in English “Enculturation” has been initiated by a person since he was a child in his family, neighbors, relatives, classmates or even at school.

The process of enculturation often begins with learning activities that imitate various actions. Furthermore, the actions that result from learning are internalized or incorporated into their personalities. Through a process that is repeated many times, a person’s actions become a fixed pattern and the norms that determine their actions are processed.

The definition of experts to understand enculturation is as follows:

Havilland (1988)

It is an educational practice carried out by a person which is usually rooted in the basic practices of society in relation to food, shelter and shelter, and that the practice of educating children in turn produces a certain personality in adulthood.

Adamson Hoebel

Is a condition that arises in our minds to acculturate the culture itself and internalize the results of the culture itself in social life.

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Based on these two terms, according to previous experts, in general it can be said that enculturation is a process carried out by a person to find out the results of culture in a way that is carried out continuously (continuously).

Enculturation Example

Examples of Enculturation in Society

Several examples can be cited in Inculturation, such as the event a child does each morning to adapt to mealtime. With the above action process in the form of a lesson, which explains that many benefits of breakfast must be obtained from someone.

With the breakfast activity carried out by someone to provide insight and explanation, these habits are embedded in a person

Examples of enculturation in everyday life

Another example of inculturation in everyday life is the existence of a sequence of people sleeping during the day. This order gradually becomes a habit that continues in your family, even after someone has a family.

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Examples of Cultural Enculturation

An example of cultural inculturation is the behavior of internal Baduy, which complements the development and influence of globalization. They assume that the influence of the outside world can have a negative impact, there will be no positive effect. This situation continues to be planted from generation to generation. Then, if culture does not accept the developments of this era, it will have a major impact on the formation of Baduy society.

Examples of Enculturation in Education

Another example of educational culture, for example, is when a person is educated from a young age to recognize the Pancasila ideology as the state ideology without being sued. This introduction goes on and on, until finally one can reach the ideology of the Indonesian people.

The explanation of the above understanding of enculturation and the previous examples show that this is an individual process that is carried out continuously and that their behavior creates habits and cultures that affect their lives in society.

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Thus the explanation of the meaning of enculturation above may be useful and beneficial for all of you. Thanks.

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