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Definition, How it Works, and Tips for Its Implementation

Maybe not a few marketers who have or are implementing affiliate marketing strategies or affiliate marketing will hear the concept of CPA marketing. This is because this type of marketing that refers to cost per action (CPA) is one of the best business strategies in optimizing the marketing of products or services online through website marketing channels and increasing business profitability.

Generally, marketers will choose to implement this marketing when the cost per click (CPC) of digital advertising campaigns is relatively low. Thanks to CPA marketing, businesses can determine how much it costs them (business costs) to target leads and get new lead conversions. Where basically CPA is the value of each customer acquisition based on paid ads (paid ads). And applies to other marketing and sales campaigns, such as sales calls and pay per click (PPC) on Google Ads.

So, maybe you are wondering what is meant by CPA marketing? How important is his role in supporting the company to achieve all its business goals, especially sales goals?

Luckily this time inMarketing will explain in full the basic theories of CPA marketing that you need to know. The hope is that you and/or other marketers can continue to improve their digital marketing skills for a more modern business growth.

Understanding CPA Marketing

According to the Backlinko site, CPA marketing is an online advertising or affiliate marketing strategy where businesses will benefit from every action that leads take.

Because basically, CPA marketing uses a cost per lead (CPL) system for every action. For example filling out forms, downloading and installing products or services, registering an account to try the free trial version of the product, subscribing to email newsletters, or making purchases from the landing page of the website. That’s why this marketing will be effective when marketers approach the right target audience and affiliate partners.

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As a result, CPA marketing can effectively generate leads and drive conversion rates. Instead of just driving an increase in the number of clicks, reach and impressions. In addition, CPA marketing is also useful in:

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Main Categories of CPA Marketing

Most marketers who run affiliate marketing will partner with different influencers or companies. The goal is to diversify content and CPA offerings based on three main categories.

These three categories allow marketers to provide a choice of offers and various best solutions to solve the problems of followers or visitors to different sites (customer pain points). Here is the explanation.

  1. Pay per Sale is a condition where marketers are given a commission when the target audience uses their business affiliate link and at the same time makes a purchase of business products or services through the partner’s website or partners.
  2. Pay per Action involves a series of actions to be performed or completed by the target audience visiting the website. Therefore, pay per action refers to the concept of affiliate marketing where partners will be given a commission for each lead that is successfully converted into a customer who buys (sales lead).
  3. Recurring Payment refers to the ability of marketers to earn regular commissions from monthly subscription fees when marketers can attract new customers to partner websites on a regular basis.

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How CPA Marketing Works

How CPA Marketing Works

As we explained at the beginning of the article, CPA marketing can be applied on a cost per action basis. Thus, marketers are free to choose which offers they want to promote (promotion mix). Be it a cost-per-sale (CPS) or cost-per-leads (CPL) offer.

The process of implementing CPA-based marketing is quite easy because marketers only need to:

  1. Sign up for a CPA network or a CPA affiliate network where marketers will find CPA offers from advertisers or vendors.
  2. Choose the type of offer you want to promote, be it CPS or CPL.
  3. Create a landing page where marketers will send the largest website traffic.
  4. Then, when the target audience clicks on or accesses the affiliate link on that landing page, they will be redirected to the actual CPA offer page.
  5. As a result, the marketer will earn money after the target audience as a visitor completes a series of actions that the marketer wants.

The Best Tips for Implementing CPA Marketing

In order to maximize the results of CPA-based marketing, consider implementing the following tips.

  1. Consider working with an experienced affiliate marketing manager. Because basically a professional marketing manager will be in charge of:
    • Reviewing offers and providing insight into which offerings the business should prioritize (marketing insight)
    • Optimizing content with on-page and off-page SEO techniques for more effective promotions
    • Connecting business with top performing affiliate partners (community management)
    • Monitoring business ROI
  2. After promoting the selected CPA offer, marketers need to track potential issues and assess the effectiveness of the marketing campaign based on website traffic, PPC ads, and content keywords or landing pages that drive conversions.
  3. For novice marketers, you should consider joining a CPA network. Because CPA network allows marketers to choose the best CPA offer and start receiving referral traffic from affiliate sites.

Well, that’s the explanation of CPA marketing theory and tips that we can share in this article. You need to understand that the key to CPA marketing success is always updating your marketing approach.

This is because marketing trends (Marketing 5.0) and consumer behavior (Society 5.0) continue to change so that every business will always have competition. Therefore, you must consider planning the best marketing strategy that will most contribute to increasing sales volume (sales growth) or optimizing business conversion (marketing attribution concept).

Now you don’t need to be confused anymore to do it because you can leave all these tasks to a digital marketing agency like inMarketing. We provide the best digital marketing services for your business niche, ranging from inbound marketing, social media marketing, growth hack marketing, 360 digital marketing, and data-driven marketing. If interested, please contact us at the following contact.

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