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Definition, Functions, Components, Types and Examples

Brainware : Definition, Functions, Components, Types and Examples

Do you know what is meant by brainware? If you don’t know it, please refer to the article below, because we will share information about the meaning, function, components, types and examples of brainware.

Understanding Brainware

What is meant by Brainware is people who often operate or use computer devices. While some are examples of brainware like netters, programmers and computer users like others.

Spiritual tools that use or explore hardware (hardware) and software (software) features are often referred to as Brainware.

Brainware Functions


People who can program languages ​​may need to create the necessary software for computer-based systems.


People who run programs or operating systems that run on computer devices, for example, prepare data for access, maintain computer operating systems or others. In information systems, the brain is very important or cannot be separated from hardware and software. Why is that? Computer hardware cannot function perfectly without software, while without software the brain and hardware cannot function.

Brainware Components


This computer operator is responsible for processing data on computer-related systems. The instructions that have been defined in the runbook and also compiled by the Programmer must be followed by the operator. Restrictions are necessary to prevent the operator from adjusting the program before or during program execution.


This technician is the person responsible for maintaining all kinds of computer problems. Extensive knowledge of troubleshooting or so on must be owned by a technician. These technicians also have different specializations depending on the field of study experienced.

Network Engineer

Is a person who is designing a new technique in the field of networking. In developing new methods to produce something useful for the domain, it is he who is responsible.

Hardware Engineer

The person responsible for developing a new technique or method in the manufacture of hardware (hardware) so that a new product will emerge with the previous better technology.

Software Engineer

In developing new techniques and methods in making software, this person will be the one who will be in charge or responsible (Drivers, Applications and also the operating system).

Brainware Type

Computer operator

To process data into a system that can be connected to a computer, the computer user is responsible for this. Restrictions are needed here to prevent the operator from changing the program before or during execution.


The person who is responsible for maintaining all things is called a technician. Technicians must have skills, expertise and knowledge of troubleshooting, etc.


The trainer is Brainware which has more scientific knowledge and is scientifically stable in other fields. To teach in their field, Brainware is also responsible.


The Brainware software that is responsible for providing reliable guidance in its field is called a consultant.

Project Manager

Brainware who is responsible for a particular project as a leader or command is called a project manager.


It is the programmer’s job to create computer applications so that the programs created will improve human performance.

Graphic Designer

Experts in creating animated objects or Brainware roots who have experience in the world of graphic design are called graphic designers.

Brainware Example


People with the ability to program languages ​​often act as necessary software for computer-based systems.


In managing programs and operating systems used on computers and computer networks, the person in charge is the administrator.


People who use operating systems and software on computer devices, for example, provide operating systems for computers, prepare access information, etc.

That’s some information about brainware that you can know. Hopefully this article is useful and also adds to your knowledge and insight, thank you.

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