Definition, Function, Purpose and Forms

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Definition of Homeland

The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) is a unitary state in the form of a republic with a decentralized system in which local governments carry out full autonomy in the field of government, which are determined by laws enacted by the central government.

Article 18 of the 1945 Constitution states the Republic of the United States of Indonesia, namely:

  • The unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia is divided into provinces and provinces into districts and cities, each of which has a local government regulated by law.
  • Provincial, district and local governments govern themselves by running their own government affairs based on the principles of autonomy and support
  • Provincial, district and city governments have DVRDs, whose members are elected from general elections (pemilu).
  • Governors, regents and mayors are the heads of government of each province, district and city, who are elected in a democratic way
  • Regional governments exercise their autonomy for the most part, with the exception of government areas, which are legally designated as areas of the central government
  • Local governments have the right to establish regional autonomy and support functions and others
  • The composition and procedures of government administration are regulated by law.

State Function

  • Maintain justice through the judiciary in accordance with the law.
  • Fight for prosperity, well -being and justice for the people.
  • Take control to achieve common goals and prevent bad things in society. In this case, the state acts as a stabilizer, namely the party that stabilizes the situation in society.
  • Defending the country’s sovereignty and anticipating possible attacks that could endanger the survival of the country

Country Destination

The following are some of the country’s goals, among others:

  • Internal duties: maintain order, security, peace and peace in the state and protect the rights of all people.
  • External duties: Defense of state sovereignty.

State Purpose According to Experts

The following are some of the country’s goals according to experts, among others:

  • Montesquieu: Protect yourself so you can live safely, peacefully and happily.
  • Aristotle: Ensuring the good life of his citizens.
  • Plato: promoting human morality.
  • Roger H Soltau: Making people develop and develop creativity as freely as possible.
  • John Locke: Ensuring the natural legal atmosphere of the individual or guaranteeing the basic rights of each individual.
  • Harold J Laski: Creating conditions so that people can fulfill their desires to the fullest.
  • Rousseau: equality and the right to be free for every citizen.
  • Machiavelli and Shan Yang: For greater power, people must be willing to sacrifice for the glory of their country.
  • Lesson of constitutional law: Execution of the legal system embodied in a country.
  • Theocratic teachings: So that people can live in safety and peace and obey God Almighty.
  • State education policy: So that the state can be managed in a safe and orderly manner.
  • Prosperity State Teachings: To create common good,
  • Thomas Aquinas and Augustine: So that humans can live in peace and security under the guidance of God Almighty.

Functions of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia

The following are some of the functions of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, including:

  • To make a constitution (UUD).
  • For testing.
  • Forms of state institutions.
  • Create a general rule or law.
  • To determine the budget amount of government revenues and expenditures,
  • As a judge.
  • Government financial accountability review.
  • Planning government development activities.
  • Let the government develop.

NKRI’s goal

The following are some of the goals of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, including:

  • To make intelligence in the life of the nation.
  • Promotion of general welfare.
  • Take an active role in the world order according to lasting peace, independence and social justice.
  • Help protect all the Indonesian blood that has been spilled with everyone in Indonesia.

NKRI form

The following are several forms of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, including:

  • Unitarianism is the ideology of the Indonesian independence movement
  • The state has no place to live for regionalism
  • Many workers are trained in Java and do not employ personnel in the regions to form the state
  • Regions in Indonesia do not have the same potential and prosperity
  • From a geopolitical perspective, the international community considers Indonesia to be strong if it is a unitary state.

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