Define social elements, types, and elements according to experts Humans are often called social creatures because they need relationships or interactions with other people. Social is closely related to people’s lives. In this material, we will discuss the meaning of social according to experts, different types of social interaction and social elements in general. To be clear, let’s take a look at the following explanation.


The definition of social in general is very broad. We often hear the word social in social life. What is social?. In social life, humans continue to develop into groups of people, or social circles, ranging from friendship, friendship, and kinship ties, to fraternity. In addition to the collective life, the social also develops in the organisation. An organization is an organization that brings together members of a society who have a specific goal, and then they are directed to be able to have the same conception, ideas and even vision and mission. Organizing makes the person who is a member of it has a great desire for organizational ownership.

Many experts express their opinion on social. Below are definitions from various sources.

Social understanding according to experts

According to Keith Jacobs

Keith Jacobs argues that social understanding in general is something that is constructed and takes place at the site of society.

According to Philip Wexler

Philip Wexler argues that sociability is the basic nature of every human individual.

According to Lewis

According to Lewis, the meaning of the word social is something that can be achieved, produced and determined in the process of daily interaction between the citizens of a country and its government.

According to Enda MC

According to ENDa MC, the meaning of the word social is a way of how individuals relate to one another.

Minorot Ruth Elite

The meaning and meaning of the word social according to Ruth Ayelet is something that is understood as difference but still rooted and integral.

According to Peter Hermann

According to Peter Hermann, a community is something that is understood as a difference but still a unity.

According to Engine Fahri I.

If the meaning of the word social, according to Fahri’s engine, is the essence of how individuals relate, though controversy over the pattern of association with these individuals persists.

According to Paul Ernst

Meanwhile, Paul Ernst sees the meaning of the word social as a number of individuals who engage in different activities together.

According to Lina Dominelli

Lina Dominelli defines the word “social” as an incomplete part of a human relationship that requires acknowledgment of the fragile things in it.

While the social definition according to Large Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) Matters related to society or social characteristics that pay attention to the public interest.

social interactions

Types of social interaction

There are several types of social interaction depending on the form, style, and theme.

  • Interaction between people and people
  • Interaction between groups and groups
  • Interaction between individuals and groups

1. One-to-one social interaction is an interaction when two people meet face to face and interact with each other, for example greeting each other and smiling when passing in the street.

2. Group and group interaction is an interaction when two different groups meet, for example a meeting between organizations or groups.

3. Individual and group interaction is an interaction in which a person communicates with a group of people or more than three people, for example a person giving a speech on a platform in the field.

social elements

The following are the social elements that characterize the society itself.

  • social group
  • culture
  • social institutions
  • Social classes
  • strength and power

Thus the article on social understanding, different types of social interaction and social elements according to experts. We hope this article was useful to you.

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