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Dear Missed! Here are the 5 Best Offline Sniper Games

Currently, games are the center of attention in various circles. If in the past games were only played by small children or teenagers, now adults to old people also take part. Sniper games are one of the favorite games for gamers. Lots of the best offline sniper games that can be played.

Even though it’s offline, from a graphic point of view, the visuals are stunning. Generally sniper games are always related to secret missions, thus making the players feel challenged. The sniper-themed games below can only be downloaded for the Android platform.

1. Blazing Sniper – Offline Shooting Game

Best Offline Sniper Games

This offline game has a very interesting plot to play. Especially for gamers who really like the world of completing missions. This game is themed about protecting a country from zombie attacks. Each player must be able to control zombies and save humans from the rampant zombie virus.

This game has two categories, namely easy and hardcore. Players can have a hardcore method if they want to experience a more challenging game. Then there are tasks to be completed.

Each task has a new mode and its own storyline. Players can get weapons with low to super categories easily. Furthermore, even more interesting, this game can be played in various applications.

2. War: FPS Shooting Game

Best Offline Sniper Games

This best offline sniper game is very suitable for various android devices. This game has a lightweight version, so it’s very easy to install. Although the version is relatively light, you don’t have to worry about the visual appearance. Attractive visuals and graphics. You could say almost like HD.

The theme in this game is related to the extermination of zombies that dominate the city. To play it is very easy. because it is enough to just stay in one place and monitor the movement of zombies from afar. Then can shoot zombies one by one until the city is saved from the zombie siege.

3. 3D FPS Sniper Battle

Best Offline Sniper Games

Game with a shooting thriller theme is very suitable for gamers who like the world of challenges. This game has an interesting plot so that when playing it will give the sensation of being in the story.

In addition to the sniper theme, this game also includes a war theme in it. So there will be a lot of missions and orders that must be completed. This game also provides many levels that must be passed. The highest achievement, when able to complete each mission perfectly.

4. Modern Sniper

Best Offline Sniper Games

This best offline game is highly recommended for gamers who like missions and challenges. Themed about snipers, there are more than 50 levels that provide challenges.

Every time you complete a mission, players will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins. These coins are very useful for upgrading the game or buying weapons.

5. Zombie Hunter

Best Offline Sniper Games

Zombie games provide a more exciting challenge in the shooting world. Because each player must destroy all zombies to avoid the infecting virus. This game has stunning visual graphics. So that the players will not feel bored.

In the game mode, each player must be able to build a camp for shelter. Then also increase the weapons you have, with the aim of being able to destroy zombies faster.

The best offline sniper games are indeed very suitable to be played for gamers who don’t want the hassle of playing online. The five games have stunning graphic visual quality even though they are played offline, so that players can get an interesting game experience. Want to try?

This article was written by the Garuda Print Jersey Gaming team. Greetings Gamers..


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