DC Universe Online is making targeted modifications to many artifacts identified in the latest patch

Today saw a new correction of DC Universe Online It’s mainly about modifying some of the artifacts in the game, so if your superhero is equipped with some of these, these notes will be of direct interest to you.

Specifically, Omegahuddon gets a new effect that gives extra power and accuracy to a super power provided the artifact has power, the Venom wrist dispenser sees percentages change, and now Lazarus Pit Water has some new healing powers when characters drop below 1 HP or after being eliminated, the Horus gem has a shorter cooldown period but also low gem strikes, and the Fang demons artifact changed the damage and effects that occur upon hit.

Other than that, the patch added a taskbar flash for PC players, reduced the number of source tag bounties from the Sunstone Matrix and Doomsday 8-Player raid bosses, updated a tooltip, and made a few additions to the routing ability possible for a Superman ally.


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