David Berdu, an incredulous Republican candidate, tells Stacy Abrams: “Go back to where you came from.”

Trump backed Republican governor candidate David Bertou Racially charged, doubled the target at the last minute with a new attack by Stacy Abrams In an interview Monday night, Democrat candidate is likely.

Speaking to the crowd on the last day before the Republican primaries, Perdue – who is lagging behind Republican governor Brian Kemp angered by Trump’s refusal to help “fix” Joe Biden’s victory in the state in 2020 Opening a new line of attack on Abrams, told the audience: “Georgia is the worst place to be. to live in the country. Hey, she’s not from here. Let it go back where it came from. He doesn’t like being here.

“I’m tired of hearing that when a country is in the worst state to live in, the best state to do business is,” Abrams said in response to the weekend fundraiser. Posted by Daily Quinnet fasting. Abrams, who later tried to retract his comments, added: “When you are 48 in mental health, you are number one in maternal mortality. When you’re 1 year old, in prison, with wages rising and falling, you don’t have the first place to live.

Appearing on the Newsmax show hosted by former Trump Administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer on Monday night, Berto continued to attack Abrams, who was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Mississippi, and attended high school and college in Georgia.

“She wasn’t from here,” said Berdu. “I’d rather say, ‘Look, if you don’t like it, go back where you came from.’

In earlier comments about the trip beyond Atlanta, Bertou also blamed Abrams. “Offending One’s Own Race” By a comment he made during his 2018 governorate campaign. While discussing jobs in the renewable energy sector, he said, “People in Georgia don’t have to live in agriculture or the hotel industry.”

But Berdu formulated his argument thus:

“When he says to black farmers” You don’t have to be on the farm, “he says hospitality to the black workers, and when he says,” You don’t have to be, “he insults his own race.”

On Monday night, MSNBC, when asked about Perdue’s comments, Abrams declined.

“I haven’t heard them expressing their plans for the future of Georgia yet,” said the winner of the party’s candidacy, regardless of party affiliation.

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