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Datuk Afifi Al-Akiti Resigned as Religious Advisor to the Sultan of Perak

IPOH: Sultan of Perak, Sultan Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah has granted the application of Islamic Center lecturer, Oxford University, United Kingdom, Datuk Afifi Al-Akiti to resign as the Rich Imam Paduka Tuan Perak and the Sultan of Perak’s Official Advisor in Islamic affairs.

Perak Dewan Negara secretary Datuk Seri Ayob Hashim said the Orang Besar Delapan and the official member of the Perak Dewan Negara had sent a letter to May 15, seeking the consent of Sultan Nazrin to resign from the incumbent.

According to him, the letter has been offered for the consideration of Sultan Nazrin.

“His Majesty expressed his appreciation for all the services provided by Datuk Dr Afifi All-Akiti during the period of holding the title of Orang Kaya-Kaya Paduka Imam Paduka Tuan and agreed to accept the application to be enforced on 15 May 2022,” he said in a statement, here, today.

Meanwhile, in the application letter that was also attached, Afifi said that in the past two weeks, he had spread certain materials on social media that aimed to tarnish his name.

Tular Video Similar to Religious Advisor of the Conference of Rulers: “I Watched That Video, But…” [VIDEO]

“I choose not to comment or give any answer that could trigger a protracted debate that does not provide any benefit.

“The transmitted materials also seem to question the suitability of my role with the palace institution and dispute my role with Islamic religious affairs,” he said.

Afifi said he sent the letter out of remorse if it dragged on and was not curbed, it would affect the rank of the Ruler and the institution of the palace.

“I made this decision out of a sense of responsibility and loyalty of a citizen to his Sultan in order to protect the dignity of His Majesty Paduka Seri Sultan of Perak is not tarnished, as well as to prevent the palace institution from being tarnished,” he said.

Recently went viral on social media, a 3-minute 24-long video in which a visual from the corner of the image of an obscure man wearing a hat is flanked by two women.

The man looked like he was tapping a drum (wind) with loud background music.

Afifi was proclaimed as the Rich Man of Eight Silver bearing the title of Rich Man of Imam Paduka Tuan on 5 November 2018.-AA

Datuk Afifi Al-Akiti Resigned as Religious Advisor to the Sultan of Perak

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