Daniel Jones impressed him recently during New York Giants training camp

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New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and offensive lineman got off to a slow start during training camp, fueling speculation that Tyrod Taylor will take over as a starter this season. Fortunately for New York, the decade’s quarterback appears to be improving.

It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Jones and his teammates are getting started slowly. Players are still learning the basics of Brian Daboll’s attack, and they need some time to gain some familiarity and get back to soccer speed.

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However, insiders and journalists have taken increasing interest as Jones’ problems persist in practice. With Taylor offering experience as a rookie and with Daboll, more ambivalence from Jones may have opened the door to invitations to compete with the quarterback. Now, this may change.

According to Dan Duggan of The Athletic, Jones gave his best practice so far this week. He’s also shown great chemistry with Kenny Goladay, showing a connection he’s been missing in 2021.

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Jones completed his last six passes from training to lead the attack to the touchdown. The drive included an impressive catch by wide receiver Kenny Goladay over Adoree’ Jackson’s back corner. Jones capped the lead with a swing pass to run back Saquon Barkley, who moved toward the sideline before a snatcher. Barkley turned up after he grabbed and tracked a block from Wan’Dale Robinson’s wide receiver for a short landing.”

Dan Duggan on quarterback Daniel Jones, attacking New York Giants (The Athletic)

Duggan notes that while Golladay beets top linebacker Adoree’ Jackson leads in the standout play, Jones picks his spots. When he’s not tossing 50-50 balls and allowing his No. 1 receiver to make plays of his size, the Giants quarterback consistently throws goals at any receiver covered by cornerback Aaron Robinson and achieves success.

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It’s clearly too early to draw comprehensive conclusions about how Jones has performed this season. With that, he makes the necessary improvements in the training camp and establishes a better relationship with his higher goals. If that continues and Dabool lives up to his reputation, Jones could have the best season of his career.

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