“Cute look at Datuk’s face, please hold the blanket, haha ​​..” – Netizen

Video of Datuk M. Nasir with his children helping his wife, Datin Marlia Musa to make a voice recording that attracted the attention of many. Wow Use Jer Blanket, Best !!

Who does not know the name of Datin Marlia Musa. Datin Marlia is an actress who was once popular through sitcoms Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu and is the wife of famous singer and composer, Datuk M. Nasir.

Even though she is no longer active in the world of acting, there are definitely many who always listen to Datin Marlia’s voice on the radio channel through various advertisements promoting various products. In fact, there is no denying that Datin Marlia’s voice is always heard in various advertisements.

Reviewing on account Instagram Datin Marlia herself has uploaded a recent video. Through the video, Datin Marlia is doing a voice recording of her work. Datuk M. Nasir and his son, Suci Musalmah were also seen helping Datin Marlia hold the blanket during the voice recording process.

The video share has been viewed over 17,000 views since it was uploaded to the account Instagram. Cute to see the reaction on Datuk M. Nasir’s face ‘cool’ helping his beloved wife is doing work.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comments section, the average person likes Datin Marlia’s ‘way’ of doing her job and is amused by the look on Datuk M. Nasir’s face. Among the netizen comments are:

“Cute look at Datuk’s face, please hold the blanket, haha. Datin must pay an expensive payment for Datuk, hehehe .. “

“How much does the Production Assistant pay, brother ??” Besao is the budget, can I hire A Lister to be a PA hahaha .. “

”Fuiyooo. Work where, p0wer is Datin. Datuk also scales teamwork. Don’t forget Datuk’s payment, you have to have that scale .. “

“Fuh, the dedication of a VO talent. This is what we want a sound proof blanket, this mobile production house, hehe .. “

“Datuk is stiff, he doesn’t move right away, even the voice in the blanket is powerful, Datin is the best wherever he works.”

“Hahahahahah dashy4t is right vocal booth teacher, I can’t stand looking at PA’s face on the left, why is it so cute ..”

” Modern pr0blems require modern solutions. Another sound engineer could never Suci Nasir, hehe the best team.. “

It looks interesting and very creative what Marlia and Datuk M. Nasir are doing. In any case, I hope Datin Marlia continues to be successful in the field she is involved in and be happy with her beloved family.

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Source: IG Cik_mmusa

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