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Video of Ernie Zakri Performing Barat Dikir When He Was 16 Years Old. Wow, so stupid. That face hasn’t changed much. Cute And Entertained Watch Ernie’s Performance !!

Taking a look at Daebakingz’s Instagram account, a video featuring Ernie Zakri performing dikir barat has been shared. The video was taken through a TikT0k account named erniegrande_brunomemel.

The video which is a few moments long is a thr0wback video in 2008 when Ernie was 16 years old at that time. This western dikir offering is a competition between schools.

Ernie’s face and appearance remain the same to this day. Keep this Ernie show cute and entertaining. The voices of the audience can be heard praising Ernie’s cuteness while performing.

Ernie was naturally talented in the field of singing from an early age. Ernie’s voice is very melodious singing dikir barat songs and it is no wonder that Ernie is now successfully building a name in the country’s entertainment industry.

Let’s watch the video below:

Just for info, Ernie has married a popular singer, Syamel, and as a result of their life sharing, they have been blessed with a daughter named Nur Khawla.

Although the video was 14 years ago, Ernie’s face remains the same. May Ernie Zakri continue to succeed in his artistic career and continue to entertain his fans with Ernie’s melodious singing.

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Source: IG Daebakingz, Ernie Zakri

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