Cute Avatar Maker Free App on iOS

ApliFree Cute Avatar Maker on iOS – Again, developers keep smartphone users down to suggest free applications in the form of avatar creators. Usually cartoon avatars are only made to entertain or just describe a character to someone. The creations from making avatars can later be used as photos that will be used as profiles on accounts on your social media.

At least there are many ways that can help you create an avatar of yourself. Moreover, the application is now offered by the App Store which is specifically applied to the iOS operating system. Make sure the avatar will be useful both in presenting yourself and personally. To be clear, it’s good to show some free apps of cute avatar maker only on iOS.

Cute Avatar Maker Free App on iOS


The MadeFace application is an avatar maker application that is widely used by people. With so many face templates that will make you discover the cool MadeFace. For version 3.0 introduced by iMadeFace itself has a feature called iMadeFace ID. Where this feature has allowed you to scan the available barcodes to see your friend’s avatar along with a secret message contained in it.

  1. MakeME

MakeME application that has a 2D concept, where you will create a very cute avatar through the application. There are also a large number of templates that you can implement for your own avatar. The instant you see some of the faces in the template are hilarious. However, unfortunately to get rid of ads sometimes you have to pay an additional fee, even though this application is available for free.

  1. Magic Man Camera

The Magic Man Camera application can be considered an application that invites laughter. With a performance system that is simple and easy to get results, so it can churning your stomach. Because your face will be immortalized automatically, which will be embedded into one of the existing image templates. The weakness in this application is the use of Mandarin which makes some people not understand.

  1. Myidol

Mydol is able to turn your selfie photo into a 3D avatar. This application allows you to show avatars that will no longer be used personally. That way, you can invite your friends to use this app on iOS devices in the App Store. Then, the technology provided is already in the form of 3D on the face. So that this one application makes the appearance of the avatar look more unique. In addition, you can also adjust the skin color, eye area, hairstyle which looks like an avatar. There is also editing for all the features that this application provides is quite interesting.

5.WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee is an application that creates avatars with unique themes. In addition, this application turns out to be a social game. Well, after you create an avatar then you can promote yourself to get as many votes from your friends as possible. There is also a prize for the da part if you have received the most votes. Therefore, it never hurts for you to download this application.

Maybe that’s all that can be reviewed from the super cute free avatar maker application from iOS devices which can only be used on Apple iPhone or iPad.

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