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Creative laundry marketing – Do you want to open a laundry business and need creative ideas to develop your business so that your profits are multiplied? So, continue to follow this article because it will suit you.

Currently, opening a laundry business is indeed one of the favorite businesses that can be developed during a pandemic that requires a hard struggle to live.

Now, this time we will share a marketing strategy or creative laundry marketing strategy that can be used as a view in developing the business that you have been working on.

Creative Laundry Marketing Strategy

Laundry business in Indonesia began to be popular since the early 2000s and is increasingly experiencing developments until now.

Remember the needs of customers in groups of several employees or students are increasing, this business seems to never die.

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With the addition of several competitors in this business, you must be innovative, especially in making marketing tactics for your laundry business.

Here are some recommendations for creative tips for those of you who want to develop a laundry business to make it more profitable and have more customers:

Define Target Customers

So, like other businesses, in running a laundry business, you also need to set the target customers you want to get

This is very important because each target has a different strategy in optimizing it. For example, if your target customer is a student, the main strategy is price

It’s different if your target customer is an office person where the strategy can prioritize speed and tidiness and a higher price will not be a problem.

Unlike other businesses, the scope of the target of loyal consumers of the laundry business is narrower.

Some people who do not have a set of washing machines and time to clean their own clothes are the soft targets of laundry business marketing.

Generally, the typical or character falls on some employees or students who tend to live in a short residence.

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Like boarding houses or contracts, where many people who live there don’t have some free time because of their various activities.

This is important for pricing that you will later promote to your target customers as an implementation of innovative, strong and efficient marketing tactics, laundry marketing tactics.

For example, you can give special discounts to students whose income levels are not as high as some of the employees in your marketing efforts.

Determine the type of laundry to run

Along with the development of the laundry business, the type of business itself also develops.

Therefore you also need marketing tactics, laundry business marketing tactics that are innovative, strong and efficient.

In general, the type of laundry business that is often used is a conservative laundry business.

This business operates by offering cleaning services to customers.

The customer gives the clothes they want to wash and your employees do it until the laundry is clean, dry, and neatly folded.

But now there is a modern type of laundry business that provides self-service options to customers and applies a payment change tool in the form of coins or special cards.

This type of laundry business is usually called Coin Laundry or Self-Service Laundry.

Of course, choosing the type of laundry business is closely related to determining marketing strategies.

You can make several packages at different prices based on the type of clothing.

Or if you choose a modern laundry business, for example:

Laundry Self-Service, where you can make laundry packages based on the size or type of the washing machine, the use of the dryer, and the use of the hot water feature when the customer uses the washing machine.

Don’t forget to give discounts at certain times to attract your customers as an implementation of marketing tactics, innovative, strong and efficient laundry business marketing tactics.

Promote and wrap some of those things in an attractive way on your social media or website.

Promote Additional Services and Services

To make sure your business thrives you also have to make sure that your laundry business stands out from the competition.

Especially when starting a laundry business today, you can add a number of features that keep your loyal customers waiting for their clothes to be washed.

A number of features such as WiFi, modern massage equipment, or TV with premium programs are a particular and attractive feature to be placed in your marketing materials.

This is a marketing strategy, a laundry business marketing strategy that is innovative, powerful and efficient to apply.

Until it is hoped that prospective loyal customers will feel comfortable and together arrive at your current laundry place.

But these features will of course increase your fixed costs such as electricity and internet costs.

It is necessary to have a budget reconciliation with your marketing package so that you can make a profit.

In the end, by applying marketing tactics, this innovative, strong and efficient laundry business marketing tactic is expected to bring in more loyal customers.

Always upload and update various packages and additional features that you want to market to loyal consumers through social media or other media that you use as a marketing instrument to maintain the existence of your laundry business.

Next, don’t forget to always monitor the data collection of business transactions and financial reports for your laundry business, which of course you can do online and in real time.

The final word

So, friends, recommendations and tips that we can give about Creative Laundry Marketing Strategies, good luck and good luck.

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