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Convert TikTok No Watermark 100% Works!

Find a way Convert TikTok No Watermark? TikTok video content is indeed a lot of interesting. Content creators are competing to create quality content to attract audiences. Therefore, not a few also want to download TikTok videos to simply save them or share them on other platforms.

For content download, TikTok itself actually already provides the feature. So users can download their own videos and also other people’s to save to the HP gallery. Watermark or watermark is used to indicate ownership of a content.

Convert TikTok no Watermark

Watermark does have a fairly important function related to copyright of a content. Therefore, TikTok embeds a sign in the form of a logo and username of the TikTok account owner of the content, when the content is downloaded.

So when a content is shared elsewhere, people will know who the original content owner is from the existing watermark. An advantage for a content creator, they don’t need to be afraid of having their content re-posted or re-shared by others. Because people will know the owner of the content.

However, some people do feel disturbed by the presence of a watermark. Even though the size is not too big, they still feel that there is a watermark covering the content.

There are also those who think that the watermark with the TikTok logo only helps promote TikTok. When content is shared on other platforms, of course the watermark becomes a promotion to make the TikTok platform more popular.

Therefore, for various reasons, many people are looking for a way to convert TikTok without watermark. So they are trying to remove the watermark on VT or downloaded TikTok videos. Is there a way??

Convert TikTok no Watermark

Easy Ways to Convert TikTok no Watermark

Have you downloaded a TikTok video and is it watermarked? Want to remove it? Unfortunately, there is no way to make the TikTok logo on a downloaded video disappear.

At most you can only cover the watermark in the video. When you upload it on another platform, you can take advantage of the editing. Use a sticker, blur it, or scribble the TikTok logo so it’s not visible. But yeah maybe the video doesn’t get any better.

Maybe many don’t know, there is a solution to the TikTok watermark problem on videos that have already been downloaded. As in the article “TikTok Video Downloader without Watermark“We have reviewed the tutorial in full.

The first is to make sure the watermark in the video is clearly visible. So you can see the content owner’s TikTok account username. After that, just follow these steps:

  • Open the TikTok App
  • Find the account owner of the content you want to download without a watermark
  • You can check the username in the watermark on the video
  • Then search for the video content you want to download
  • Open video
  • Copy the link by selecting the “share” option
  • After the link is copied, open the TikTok video downloader without the watermark that was in the previous article
  • Paste link
  • Just download

Convert TikTok no watermark indeed cannot be done. Videos that already have a watermark cannot be removed.

But there is still a trick to being able to get the video without the watermark. Namely by re-downloading it. Downloads must go through a special site so that the downloaded video does not have a watermark.


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